Get negative community points reversed

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Get negative community points reversed

Please reply to this post if you incorrectly received negative community points during the community point transition, and we will give you some bonus points to make up for it!

it happend to me.. Both not getting DC points as i should and -community points when i downloaded a template.. Don't know if that's what you mean so smiley

oh now it didn't go minus when i downloaded smiley So i guess it was wrong befor smiley

Okay Jessica, I took a look at your community point transactions, and it looks like you had 10 points incorrectly subtracted from your account. I've gone ahead and given you 10 points to make up for that!

Yes, that did happened to me as well.
I posted it in the support thread on 9/28 but if you could please take a look at my community points too.

Lol, sorry. I just realized you already did that! Thank you!

No worries, Tina: I knew you had had some issues there, so yeah, I already gave you an extra 10 (which is the amount that most people seem to have had deducted).

I had -2 for my comment.

Shucklod: We gave you 5 points yesterday to make up for your -5 points.

It happened to me too, everytime I downloaded something...

Leticia: I've given you extra points to make up for your negatives, plus the points you should have gotten for filling out your profile. Sorry for the negatives! Let me know if you experience any more trouble.