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Get a Hello Kitty Email Address

Umm, so Jordan just told me that you can get a Hello Kitty email address (ie: For some reason this is the greatest thing I've ever heard and I wanted to share in case you agreed with me.

Sign up here:

Upon sign up it doesn't seem like you can have the email forwarded, so perhaps not as useful as I was hoping, but still, an idea to smile at. smiley

It would be a good email address to use for all the online signups that you don't really want clogging your real email. I think it's a hoot and I might get one for all my homeschooling things. smiley

Humm... I used to have one because some time ago a friend told me that do existed a hello kitty MMOG and I needed to try... Seeing this post I checked it and I couldnt even remember login and so. Well, my e-mail is lorien @...., so not so difficult smiley

aw... had to get one

I never was really big on Hello Kitty. Strawberry Short Cake or Rainbow Brite, or Barbie now we are talking my thing. HMMMMMM Now if I can convince my hubby to get photoshop I may get something going for that for scrapping. Here I go with my girly stuff again as my boys say this time I will be scrapping my friends and sisters when we were kids