National Scrapbooking Day! (?)

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National Scrapbooking Day! (?)

Apparently National Scrapbooking Day is coming up - November 3rd? I am not new to digital arts but I am new to the scrapbooking community so this is all new for me. Fill me in please - is anyone attending any of the cyber events? How does it all work? Should we PixelScrappers celebrate here too? smiley

The first Saturday of November is Digital scrapbooking day smiley
But it would be fun if we can do something special that day.....

I am also new to this idea of a digital scrapbook day, and so I've been caught unaware with no ideas. However if anyone has any, please let us know. Or perhaps you can post links in here to things that are happening around the web, maybe some good freebies you've found for the weekend.

Isn't there also one in May?

Liz Smith wrote:
Isn't there also one in May?

This is exactly what I was thinking... We had one in the beginning of the year! So the crazyness goes twice a year?

National scrapbooking day is in May and digital scrapbooking day is in November.

Hey guys, I'm going to close this thread, and open a new one for posting events around the web.

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