Are you interested in a photography challenge here?

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Are you interested in a photography challenge here?

I know there are lots of photography challenges around the web, but perhaps you would like to do one with the Pixel Scrapper community? If you are interested please also leaves details about what kind of challenge you'd like to do (time period and what kind of themes you'd like to work with).

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Any kind of Challenge! Maybe something like a weekly challenge and all kinds of themes. Kids, gardening, parents, love.... all of them.

I am not very good with the settings on my camera..maybe something like this would help me.

Oh, I love photography challenges! Either weekly or biweekly. Themes: Macro, Landscape, Colors, One I use to participate in, was from here called You Capture, she had great themes and was very encouraging.

Even though I don't think the gallery should turn into a photography gallery...I do think that a photography challenge would be good. From layouts and subjects of shots - to using various camera features (although this would somewhat limit who participates...but might help people play with some settings that they otherwise haven't learned!)

I think I would be, since I'm all for anything that encourages me to actually take photos!

Timeframe ... maybe weekly? Daily is probably too confining, monthly probably too long. But I could handle an "assignment" per week.

Themes ... maybe we could link somewhere with a good tutorial or list of tips (or create one?) on using a certain setting or capturing a certain type of photo, like "How to Take Good Kid Pictures" or "How to Use the Macro Setting", to start us off with that "theme" and give beginners something to work with plus some inspiration.

Also, maybe photo editing could be included somehow? As an eventual weekly theme, maybe? I don't even know where to go with that, it was just a thought that took over my brain momentarily.

I like the idea of photo editing Laura - perhaps the "host" could show us a photo they have edited and explain how it is done and then we select a photo of our own to apply that technique to? Monthly or fortnightly would be preferable for me - weekly would be hectic.

Fortnightly! I'm guessing you're a reader, Dawn. smiley

I would love to do a photograph challenge. I love to photograph anything and everything. Good themes: Macro, landscape, portrait, pets, flowers, textures. Tutorials are good too, but I would rather not mix the two.

Count me in!

Sounds like fun

I have never been in any challanges whatsoever, but it would be so nice to be better at taking pictures, have new ideas and I think I would be interested if it's not too difficult for a newbie smiley

That would be cool. Thanks to you Ive actually picked up my camera more often than just for "special" moments.