DSD Freebies from Marisa

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DSD Freebies from Marisa

EDIT: These links have been disabled. If you missed this freebie, don't worry, I will be posting it on the site soon.

I decided last minute that I did not want to let the exciting Digital Scrapbook Day pass me by, and so I have made this little kit that I'll be giving away over the weekend. Be sure to stop by and see what's happening because the links won't be up for long, and once they're gone...well you know smiley . I'm sure there will be lots of exciting things happening around the web, and if you want to post links to great things you've found please head to this thread.

There will be 4 freebies in total, one on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Without further ado:





Thanks Marisa smiley smiley

Thank youu (:

Beautiful, thank you!

so much of yayness! smiley

Merci beaucoup!! love the colors! can't wait to play with this smiley

Yay, thank you!


Thank you for this great kit! smiley

Beautiful, thank you! smiley

Thank You

Thank you!

Looks Great! Thank You

Nice color combination, thank you!

Wow, that's a very impressive last-minute contribution! Thank you. I look forward to collecting and using all the pieces.

Thank you so much for sharing!!

Thank you very much. Nice colours.

je t'adore... lovely

Thanks-love this color combo!!

Very pretty, Marissa - merci beaucoup!

Thank you for the DSD present! Lovely papers!

Dr Seuss colours! Thank you

Does the giving never stop? You are awesome and these are beautiful.

Thank you, such fun goodies, can't wait for the rest....

Thank you so much for these new freebies! The colors you used look so fresh, I see this going well together with some winter themed pictures.

Thanks so much! These colors are close to what I was looking for recently...you are wonderful! Love them!

thanks much! love the colors

Very beautiful!

Thank you Marisa...

Oh I love it!!! Thank you so much Marisa!!!

Thanks Marisa!


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