Forum shows "new posts" even after all posts read

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Forum shows "new posts" even after all posts read

This is probably a minor problem but it is a real annoyance. To start, I read every new forum post each day, I know it is a little anal but the only way I have of not missing some important tip or comment. I keeps it cleaned up for me. Well it used to be that whichever thread you were in when you left that sub-thread the note of "unread" in that area would go away because all the posts had been read. Now in order to clear those "notes" I have to hit the "FORUMS" link in the menu. It works so that is okay. Well for the last week or so in the "Feature Request" forum thread it is perpetually showing that I have "1 new" in pink under the posts column. So today I opened each and every one of the threads within that forum thread figuring that would clear it. It did not, I still show "1 new" under the Feature Request Posts. It is pretty annoying as I keep thinking maybe there is a new post and there isn't. Not sure if you can fix but just thought I would let you know either way.

Sorry about that Janet; that is annoying smiley . There might be something wrong with one of our caching mechanisms, that I can try to fix.

At the bottom of the forums there is a little drop-down menu called "forum tools." If you click that, there is an option to "mark all forums read." Try that, and see if it works for you.

Here's a screenshot to help you see what I'm talking about:

Let me know if that works...

I've had to use this option you mention a couple times myself Jordan. I try to make sure as a moderator I get to every posts in my forums and the challenge Janet is referring to only showed up recently. smiley but once I use the mark forum read at the bottom it does clear out until a time or two later...

@Jordan & Shawna Thanks for the help!!! It worked and it was immediate! I will definitely remember this-didn't even notice that drop down at the bottom!

Thanks again!