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Download credits not accumulating

I've been trying to save my DC for a cool kit I found. It's so pretty but I don't have enough DC. So I've been going on the site everyday, dropping by and browsing the forums but my DC won't go up. I have 6 right now and I've had 6 for a while. Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong?

Also when I want to download something I can afford it's replaced with a donate button.

I've had the same problem. I've had 25 for a couple of days now. Its gone down since I got a few shapes, but IDK whats going on. I did the cloud challenge and didnt get my DC from that either.

@Gabby and Megan you can go here to find out about the DCs on this site:

Download Credits

There is also information about the Community Points - which is what drives how many DCs you get each day:

Community Points

In a nutshell, you get a certain number of Download Credits (DC) each day based on how many Community Points you have earned up to 10 each day. Each day whichever DCs you don't use you lose. This system is because everything here is basically "free," as long as you have the DCs to "buy them. If say a kit is more than the daily DCs you get you can donate to the site to be able to "afford" what you want. You can find information about that here:


If you click on the "Help" button on the top of the site you can find a wealth of information. Jordan just recently upgraded this part of the site and I think it makes it pretty clear.

Hope this helps.

Also welcome to the community!

@Megan to add to what Janet said, when you participated in a challenge usually everyone get Community Points but only one person, usually randomly drawn, get Download Credits. If you were the person who won those points this post will let Jordan and Marisa know and they will make it right. smiley

@ Heather, I did read that wrong on the challenge part.

I did not know that you loose the credits everyday. I did not see that part. Sorry

I'm not losing points or gaining points. I've tried to download a few things less than 6 DC but the donate button is still there.

Gabby, I too am having the same problem. Mine has been for the past couple of weeks. I try to save up as many DC's as I can so I can download for CU. I've been stuck on 8....very frustrating and disappointing smiley

Daily Download Credits are a "use it or lose it" kind of thing. You can't save up daily DCs. You can donate to the site or earn via a challenge (or other things) but you can't save up your free credits. It cost too much money for storage and bandwidth for the website to just give away all these things yet they wanted to be able to give a daily freebie to people who participate in the community, that's why we are given more download credits when we earn more community points.

It took me a bit of a learning curve to how things run around here because it was like nothing I have ever experienced. Personally it works better for me because I get something little every day but then I can donate and slowly eat away at the DC I buy with the more expensive items. It seems like a win win.

Thought I'd try to help out... smiley

You will earn, gradually as you post, daily download credits that you can use in here.
The maximum number of daily download credits (or dc's) you can earn is 10.
You have to use your dc's every day or you lose them - they do not accumulate.

Each d/l item has a dc value. Some are 1 dc (typically assets), some are 2 or 3 dc's
(typically templates), and others are 4+ (usually alphas, mini kits, kits or bundles).

The only way you can download something that is over 10 dc's is if you have earned
community points (thru challenges or what not - those dc's have no expiration date)
or donated (where you receive a certain amount of dc's, based on how much you've
donated, that have no expiration date). For example, last November or December
I donated $20 & received 250 dc's and a supporter badge. Those 250 dc's have
no expiration date & stay in my account until I use them. When I d/l things over
my daily dc allotment, Pixelscrapper's system will then dip into those dc's.

Does that make sense I hope? (crossing my fingers)

Also, when you're looking to d/l something you like, make sure you're logged in
or you won't be able to.

Actually ... I would like to add one last thing not yet addressed about kits/bundles... See Jordan's announcement post here: Kit Changes/Bundle Downloads.
You can only download kits & bundles if you donate. This is a reward they give to persons who help support keeping the site up & running.
Until a couple weeks ago, when I became a donator, I myself was unable to download kits or bundles no matter how many DC I had. I still had some left over from our Christmas gift I never spent. smiley Once that announcement change took affect, I had to download pieces individually for each kit, too and I'm a moderator so their not doing it to punish anyone or be mean. It's just a reward or added benefit to donating, you gain that complete access of downloading as kits & bundles. smiley

HTH clear up the rest of it.

I donated today in order to download more items, I love this site so far and can't wait to do more with you all. I hope to help with the PSP tutorials soon too...

Dear community members: thanks so much for jumping in and providing so much help for new users! That's a huge help.

New members (Gabby, Megan): hopefully everything is a bit more clear for you now. Please let us know if you are still confused about anything, and sorry for anything that is not clear (we hope to improve our help system in the near future).

Just to re-iterate what Shawna pointed out: full kit and bundle downloads are intended as bonuses for people who help support the site by donating. So you cannot download full kits and bundles unless you have donated, regardless of how many download credits that you have. Unfortunately this change needed to be made to help save on bandwidth costs.

Jordan, thank you for the help, the other members really helped me figure the DC out. I have donated to your site to help out. I know about the cost of running a website. I love the items on this site and hope to see it thrive.