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Download Credits

I haven't been receiving any download credits for a long time now. Why is that? I used to receive some everyday and now I've been stuck on 8 for weeks.

Do you use them each day? If you don't earn DC via a challenge or "winning" them and you don't purchase them, you won't get any more. Each day you begin with a certain number of DC and if you don't use them that day you lose them and tomorrow you'll start over with the same number. So your daily download credits do not accumulate. The only way to get more than your daily amount is to buy them or to win them.

Here are a couple links re: Pixelscrappers' download credits (a.k.a. dc's) -->

Hope these help you understand the system a little better, Kristian! smiley

@Heather & Lizanne: Thanks so much for your helping Kristian!

@Kristian: Please let us know if you have any other questions not answered at the links Lizanne shared. smiley

Heather, Lizanne and Shawna, thank you for the clarification on the DC's. You're right Heather, I thought they accumulated daily. You guys are the best smiley

@Kristian: Your welcome and so glad it all made sense to you at the links. smiley