Long time no see...

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Long time no see...

Its nice to see all that has been going on since the last time I was able to visit. I started a new job and I haven't had the time to check in lately. I see you all are having a lot of fun and being very creative. Hopefully, once I get use to the new hours, I'll be able to participate more again. I'm also happy to see that the blog train is still getting lots of visitors along the way. Every day I get comments about it. Good to see you all again. smiley

Thanks for saying hi!

smiley Congratulations for the new job, I hope it´s a good one. My husband also found a new job, so my time of free private design classes decreased a lot, lol.

Congratulations Cat - hope your new job makes you very happy (and pays the bills of course smiley )

Congrats on the new job, Cat - hope it's a fulfilling one!