June Blog Train Ideas

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June Blog Train Ideas

It's time to start preparing for the next blog train! If you have a theme or color palette to suggest please leave it here and next week I'll put up a poll so we can pick one. Last time people just described palettes they were interested in, but just know that I'm too lazy to google palettes for you! So if you're serious find or make a palette. Of course there'a always hope that someone else might google something for you...

Summer sports theme - swimming, tennis, beach volleyball, hiking, surfing,.....

How about "Pondlife" - ok so I am biassed as I have 2 small ponds but ponds are so exciting in June - new baby froglets, fish, dragonflies, pond and marsh flowers and all the birds coming to bathe and drink. It offers loads of possibilities and colours and kits could be cute or elegant, doodles or beautiful biological diagrams and the theme works for male or female. Ok I'll stop now LOL I know I'll love the train whatever it is.

How about camping or summer camp?

Here are a couple of color pallettes.

Pond life would be good, not sure it makes a great title!! How about "Making a Splash"! or "In and Out of the Water"!

The pond idea is lovely! What about this color pallete for the theme?
ps.: I edited the post to include the dirt and sand color. What do you think?

Saskia, I've started to put together a kit (my first) inspired from the middle photo you displayed. I put a layout in the gallery earlier this week made with some of the papers and elements I have in it. If that's the palette chosen, I'll be ahead of the game! smiley

You can see the layout here.

It looks like so far the blog trains have been every other month. While that means a fairly relaxed schedule with more time to discuss themes and for designers to create their contributions, it can result in overlooked themes. For example, an October blog train seems well suited to a Halloween theme. But the next blog train would be December -- too late for a Thanksgiving theme. I know there's a thread for every month versus every other month and I'll take this there.

But I wanted to bring it up here because it influences my thoughts on a topic for the June blog train. If there were going to be a blog train every month, then I might suggest Weddings for June, Summer Camp (camping) for July, Vacation/travel for August, and back-to-school for September. But if there are only going to be June and Autust, then I'd probably suggest Summer Vacation (camp, swimming, travel), and Back to School for August.

This palette makes me hungry. I see it and I immediately want to make summery fruit patterned scrap things. Yum!

@Dawn, I love the "pond life" theme. So many pretty pond plants and cute pond critters we can make for that idea.

@Cintia, that is a gorgeous palette for the "pond life" theme. So many pretty colors.

@Saskia, I would be happy playing around with any of the palettes your shared. Gorgeous colors schemes all the way around.

This is going to be so much FUN!

Cintia - I smiley your color scheme! Now if a "sand" color and a dirt color could be added to that, I could see the collab being used for a lot of outside activities in spring & summer! (be it gardening, camping, camp, swimming at lake/pond/ocean, picnics, mini golfing, biking, etc.)

@Saskia- are you trying to make me hungry??? LOL! Beautiful palettes!

I am up for Pond Life too and Cintia's palette. Wow, we might be able to get way ahead of the game if we decide so quickly!

Looks awesome Carrie!

The palletes are all so beautiful, it will be a delight to work with any of them!

@ saskia: Oh!I agree with Molly! I want to go to a bakery shop right now! smiley
@Holly: Thank you and beautiful choices!
@Lizanne:Thank you, I added to the pallete to include both collors
@Carrie: great stuff!

Well, I always tend to avoid the weather/seasonal themes because here we have not only the opposite seasons, but also some celebrations are in other months (e.g, our father´s day is in August, back to school in February, outdoor season from September to February, and so on). I´d like to sugest a theme we can use every time, idependent of our season and so on.

I think it would be great to have a masculine theme, with this color palette. I just can´t think of a good title. what about "forever boys"? If you have another idea it would be nice smiley

The second idea is "candies, cupcakes and other sweet things" - maybe we can call only "sweet things" or "life is sweet" for the title:

**** Edit: Please consider the updated palette made by Janet on p.2****

Those are great ideas Lórien

Love both those color palettes and themes, Lórien. (And now my tummy is growling again . . . LOL!)

The only guy phrase I can come up with is "Let's Hear it for the Boys . . . " and now that song is in my head. ♬

@Saskia ... love the palettes, but especially the second 2 (i love brighter colours myself).
@Cintia: love those colours too ...would work well for the cottage pictures I have
@Lorien: the boy theme is awesome ... although it would also be a good nature theme with that palette.
@Holly: as soon as you said that I opened iTunes and put on that song!!!!! soooooo good .... but now I want to watch the movie lol

@Melissa: It's a great movie and I am going to date myself by admitting I saw it in the theater when it first came out. Just watched it with my teenagers not too long ago and thus a new generation of "Footloose" fans were born!

Love Lorien's "candies, cupcakes and other sweet things". Love the colors, theme, everything! That's my vote. smiley

Nice ideas. What about these colors for a pond/summer/sweet theme?

My two favorites are Loriens' masculine theme pallete and then Cintia's lily pond theme pallete... Both are gorgeous!!!

I second that Shawna: my first choice would be Lorien's 'Forever Boys' theme and second choice Cintia's colorpalette and a pond theme (or water theme). I loved the 'making a splash' title.

Can anyone participate in these blog trains?

Yes Sheila!

I'm loving Holly's June Bloom as well as Lorien's Life is sweet (though for that one I'd like to add the tan of the stick and the cream/white of the middle pop to have a couple more neutrals to work with). Then again, I wouldn't mind working outside of my comfort zone with some of the more natural/neutral pallets. With each of these blog trains I learn something new (even if the pallet chosen isn't one that I would usually work with).

I call this "Moroccan Marketplace"..............



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