Be able to send pm

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Be able to send pm

Is it possible to get a feature that allows us to send pm to eachother? smiley

smiley I´d like that too... Not for anything "secret" or so, but to help to keep it organised.

That would be really helpful! I would love that improvement!

I agree, Private Messaging is nice to have at certain times, instead of posting in the forums where everyone doesn't necessarily want to know what you're saying to one person.

good to know it's not just me smiley

I'll definitely put this on the list of things to consider smiley

YES YES YES. Sometimes you want to make a personal or private comment, or ask a question and it would be great to be able to do it by PM. Lots of sites offer that so we are spoiled, you know. lol

I like pm'ing because you can ask someone a question privately if you need to. smiley

I totally second the pm-ing feature. And yes, I guess we are spoiled!

Bummer, I was just searching the forum to find out how to do this, lol. I guess I can't yet!

Count me in on this.... I do like it when you can send a PM to someone.

OH YES!!! I have thought about contacting different members to ask them questions about their layout or something and there is really no way to have a one on one conversation. There doesn't' seem to be an easy way to contact people.

I found myself wishing Pixel Scrapper had a private message system tonight... I saw a layout in the Gallery that I really liked & wanted to ask the person who made it if they used a template for their awesome layout and, if so, direct me to that template (as I would like to try making a page with it as well). I'd rather "pm" that person to ask that, rather than create a new thread directed toward that one person, kwim? smiley

I'd like it too please. smiley

I would love to see this feature added! smiley

This would be really great!!!!

Like other users, I would love to see this feature. I know I wanted to ask someone something and couldn't send it privately.

Definately a good idea, also to have a way of tracking which sections in the forums you have joined in conversations so if you get an answer you and reply. I alsway forget which ones I have asked a question or reply to someone.

Is this something that is in the plan for the future yet? smiley

Private messaging systems are complex, and there are a lot of aspects to consider... but yes, we will probably be implementing a PM system at some point in the future (especially if it continues to be a much-requested feature).

For now, I've just implemented an intermediate solution; please see this announcement.