List of Things to Take Photos Of?

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List of Things to Take Photos Of?

I have been trying to take more photos as I am doing Project Life this year, but I am really struggling on what to take photos of! I am starting to think my life is really boring, lol. Does anyone have a favorite list of photography challenges or Project Life/Project 52 ideas they could point me to? Or any ideas for fun family photo shoot locations?

Have you heard of FatMumSlim? She has a photo a day prompt if you are needing prompts. I am doing my own Project 365, and just take pictures of whatever we are doing or seeing that week, and then I scrap that week. I am a fan of photo editing, so that is where my additional piece is. I have a couple of fun photo editing programs I use which makes the process a bit more fun for me.

Thanks Emily, I am checking out Fat Mum Slim now! Seems like a fun site with lots of neat ideas smiley I am just feeling so uninspired for photo opportunities right now and we've been stuck indoors most of the winter so I am open to any and all suggestions for photo ideas!

Oh, goodness, I know what you mean. We are still under three feet of snow, so I CAN"T WAIT until we can start going outside. I have a horrible time remembering to take my pictures off my camera on a daily basis, and I don't have an iphone or instagram to do it instantaneously so I usually fail at following the whole month, but she always has a good list of prompts going!

i totally understand. sometimes I go weeks without taking any photos, and then other times, its picture overload.

FatMumSlim is one of my favorites! I use her lists when I am feeling uninspired of what to photograph.

sounds fun, I will give it a try, thanks!

I always keep my eye out for shots, from textures to interesting nature pictures. I have found that if I use the burst mode. Sometimes I find some interesting shots. If it was birds, it caught them in flight.

I'm going to have to check this out. I'm always struggling with photo subjects. My cat and my dog both hate having their picture taken since they're about the only thing I do take pictures of - except for my husband and that's usually of him sleeping/snoring on the couch otherwise he doesn't let me take his picture either.

Thanks for these ideas. My kids are easy to take photos of but of course I end up with the same set of photos every time, just in different settings and in different clothes! I really hope to get more creative. I want to try some of these ideas ASAP!

My camera has a burst mode and I always forget that I have it, lol. I should try using it to get some shots of the kids and our pets since they seem to always move faster than I can snap the photo!

A great thing to take photos of, which might be overlooked, is the buildings/architecture you come in contact with day-to-day. My best friend once put together a book for me once we'd moved away from the city we'd lived in together - and she included the doors to some of our favorite places we frequented. From the houses we live in, to our favorite coffee shop, friends houses, church, etc. Looking back at the collection of photos transports me back to that point in my life, it's great!

@Kristin: That's a great idea. I've left a lot of places and would love to have a book like that.

I just came across this list of pictures to take of/with your children. I thought it might be useful for scrappers with little ones.

I love the architectural idea - we live in a city full of historic buildings and places...and the list of pictures to take of children is great too! Thanks for the ideas everyone!

The Book of building/architecture is awesome!!! I am so going to do that of my state for a coffee table book! Thanks for the idea!!

The little details that seem to be surpassed in the rush of the day. Your favorite breakfast, the way the shoes are lined up by the door, your view from your favorite place in your house, your makeup on the bathroom counter, your favorite perfume/body spray bottles (the pretty ones), etc. It's easier to do if you have kids because there are always those kinds of little moments that you want to remember, but there are still lots of things to photograph. smiley

I think it's rather daunting to do a year in photographs. If you regularly walk the dog (or the children) a photograph a day would be easy - plants, textures, views, birds, animals. If you started when the bluebells or daffodils were starting to peek through for example, you could photograph their progress. Leave for work earlier so you can take photographs on the way! I forget who it was, but one artist painted the same scene all the time because it changed so much through the seasons.

I can see a day at fatmumslim coming on, great site thanks for the link.

I just carry my camera or keep my cell phone where I can access it easily. If I see a photo op moment or something else photo worthy I take it. I have a tendency to take alot of nature photos especially sunsets. Sunsets change daily, some of which look like watercolor. If you took a photo of the sunset for a week you may actually find a great deal of variety.

Some great ideas here. Looking back, I have taken the same kind of photos year after year.

At the end of this month, my fiance and I are driving from Jacksonville, NC all the way up to New Hampshire which is like a 15-16 hour drive normally but we're taking a detour through Shenandoah National Park which will at like an hour and a half. But since we're moving back it's not like we're going to be down here in the south anytime soon so might as well make the most of our road trip back! There's a couple of places in Vermont that we'll be stopping as well and more from Virginia and up so I'm really looking forward to the road trip. smiley

Im fascinated with grillwork.

All the windows are barred here and the designs are often full of inspiration.

Windows are barred here too, but lack imagination. smiley

I recently did a project for my art journal that I called "Changing of the seasons".
I rigged my camera on the same spot every week for a year and took a photo through my kitchen window.
What I got was a panorama of my inner yard throughout the year. Looking at the photos now, it is striking how much things had changed without me noticing.
This can be done everyday for a harder challenge and once a month for a slightly easier one. Done monthly it would be a great make-your-own-calendar gift for Christmas.

@Magdalena that is such a great idea!

@Sharilynn: Glad you liked it.
Am ├╝ber envious of your impending road trip though. I absolutely love road trips and they are the best opportunities to take lots of photos and create a travel journal after. I tend to make an empty travel journal before each road trip and make pockets or put envelopes on each page (usually for trips over several days) and put all my keepsakes in them. That way it is much easier to put together the time frame after the trip.
I also might bring a teddy or some small item that has a specific value to me and photograph it in the foreground of all the different places I see on the way.

@Magealena interesting that you note bringing a small item to photograph in your travels. My sister did a daily thing at work where she had a squirrel stuffed animal where she would photograph it in places that she was going-everyone in the office loved it. Since then she has been on a personal "mission" to include a lego figure in photos during everyday happenings and family get togethers during the year. You should see the collection she has amassed in the past six months! Last year at the family BBQ she brought a '60s peace love tie died lego man-funniest part of this was that unbeknownst to her my brother had dressed up in his '60s peace love tie died shirt and jeans!

@Janet: aww this sounds so brilliant! I'd love to see some of the pics smiley Especially of the Lego man and brother in tie dye garb, if there are any.
But yes, bringing a personal artefact into a pic makes it immediately personal and also very special to those in on the joke smiley