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Love those light photo Tiffany!

Tiffany, he sure looks like a good sport! Cute pics!

@Lizanne - the secret to photographing your cats is food smiley Get everything ready, sit down, food in bowls, call them & snap away. Good luck, hope that works for if you haven't already tried it a million times smiley

@Betsy - love your photos, especially the first one. Just love that bauble with the lights in the background.

@Tiffany - very funny photos lol smiley

Thank you Lavina! And thanks for the cat food tip! My kitty is a very reluctant model most of the time.

@Lavina: I have tried that - have even put down a plate of catnip as well (figuring it might get them to chill out) - but, alas, nothing has worked. They were jumpy cats when we got them 2 yrs ago (at age 2), from a house where little kids terrorized them; and despite having them for almost 2 yrs now they're still jumpy, though they've calmed down an awful lot.

Those are super cute Tiffany, how long did it take to get out of the lights LOL smiley

I really need to teach myself to do bokeh smiley

This is really late, but these were my favorite images from this past Christmas. The dark ones were with a tutorial I found on pinterest. Your settings will have to be to allow the most light in, and you take the picture with all the lights off except the Christmas tree lights.

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These are just beautiful Brittany! What a beautiful little boy you have!

Thank you! He'll be a year old this Saturday! smiley smiley