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Is there anyone here that posts to Instagram? I'd love to see your gallery. My username on Instagram is angiebattle (Yeah, very original). smiley

I haven't used Instagram, but I do have an account. I don't take that many pictures (except for my cat & dog - oh & my husband snoring on the couch when he says he's watching golf smiley ) I'll go and check out your gallery.

I use it more for the filters than for social networking, but here's mine:

here is my instagram with photographs of the island where I live.
would be interesting if we put a tag pixelscrapper.ok
my instagram

Ana, I think you must live in paradise!! How beautiful.

I am also on instagram. I adore it and don't know what I did before it. lol My user name is renewmyday. Can't wait to see what you all post about.

i just got an instagram account and started posting a few pictures. my user name is peggyapl.

here is one of my posts...

I mostly share pictures of my crochet work (I'm a SAHM and that's how I bring in a little personal spending money) and my son. My username is singingsnook.

@Peggy: Hi Peggy. What kind of effects you use to create this kind of colorful photos? they are looking gorgeous.

@Kavel: i am checking out so many amazing apps for editing photos, like PS Express, Laminar, Pixlromatic and PicsArt. the rainbow color is a layer from an app called InstaEffect (free)

i am ladybugs714

I do, but nothing exciting! Need to take a few moments to really dive into phone photography, since it's what I have one me at all times for those in between camera moments! LOL!

That is one lovely photo! smiley

@April: Thank you so much!

any more instagram accounts?

I just joined. My username is marisalerin.

I'm on. My username is scrapsandsass.