scrapbooking movie ticket stubs??? need help

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scrapbooking movie ticket stubs??? need help

So I'm having a brain fart and was hoping for some help. I have a ton of movie ticket stubs/concert stubs, etc that I'd like to scrapbook, but I'm not sure where to start with it. What things should I include on the page(s)? Has anyone done something like this that I could get some inspiration from?
Thanks in advance for all the inspiration!!!

You might consider a page with lots and lots of movie ticket stubs as the background -- add a picture of your local cinema and maybe one of yourself in line to purchase a ticket. Don't forget to journal about so many movies and mention a couple of your favorites.

For the concert tickets, I'd tend to make a page per concert. (Maybe because concerts are such a rare occasion for me.) Look for photos of the band online. If you got a program at the concert, you could scan all or part of it to add to your layout.

When I'm stuck, I tend to go to Pinterest and see what I can find. Another great spot is google images. Between the two, I usually find something that inspires me. smiley

I saw a couple of concert type layouts here on Just Jaimee's Facebook Page. They were all using her Rockabilly kit.

Love the idea of using the tickets for a background paper! Heads up, if you're going to use photos you find online, you may want to be sure they're royalty free. As a photographer, I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to using images from the net. I know it's done frequently by people creating layouts...but unless you hold the copyright/release, it's not a good practice. Hopefully I don't sound like too much of a witch. smiley

The background suggestion is good! Then, for those concerts/movies that you may have photos for, bring those stubs forward, and maybe larger, as an accent for the actual photo.

I hope you come share it with us when you finish! I am so intrigued to see now! LOL


I use to put the tickets along with everything else about that event (photos, other ephemera) to a layout with journalling, saying who was with me, what did we think about that movie/concert/play/exhibition/convention - have lots of conventions tickets, and, if we did something before or after the event what it was. When it´s relevant, I can talk about the days weather, why did I went to see this specific thing (I was planning to see another movie but there were no sessions of the movie I wanted? I bought the tickets months before the day? I went to the exhibition because there were friends from other state here and I´d show the museum, even being there before? A friend acted on that play?). Sometimes, I get the tickets of everyone that went with me, and glue them all.

I do this kind of thing in agendas since I was a pre-teen, and had no idea that scrapbook existed (it´s a hobby that only spread on brazil in the past 7 years or so - and lots of people still don´t know about it). Nowadays, a fancy scrapping emulator of these agendas we used to have are the smash books. Maybe you can put your tickets collection on a smash?

lots of great ideas ladies ... I'm excited to get started ... eventually ... have to take my sister to the doc ... clumsy fool fell down the stairs and sprained her ankle, but we going for x-rays to make sure its just a sprain. love her, but still ... hahaha. I wonder if she'd kill me if I took my camera to document her stupidity. Probably, so I'll have to skip it (she's younger, but way stronger and could probably still kick my butt with one bad leg, lol)

Hope your sister's ankle is ok. One 4th of July my foot got stuck in a hole in the ground, I turned to walk away not realizing it and tore 3 major ligaments in my foot and ankle. It took almost 9 months to heal and get back to 85% with therapy. One ortho wanted to do surgery. I was to scared and heard it would cause me more problems in the long run when I was older. Now, over 40, every once in a while I still wake up especially in cold season and it is tender after to stretch and massage it. I really hope it's nothing big for her and just a small sprain. smiley

btw: we went to a concert that night we had already paid for and my ankle hurt so bad, hubby pulled me around in a wagon of sorts. My little sister took pictures. I laugh now but was oh so very embarrassed being drug around at 30yo in a wagon. LoL smiley so I say go for it. smiley