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ISO: travel objects

I'm looking for maps (Europe mostly), passports, airline tickets, etc. All the goodies to help document my trips. Are there some here that I'm missing? There's so much material on the site (which is awesome) but hard to search through all of it.

There are these lovely european jelly brads Marisa made I grabbed a few month back. smiley

There are some airplane ellies:
metal airplane
airplane ribbon

cute tags:
travel tag
world map tag
compass tab
itinerary tag
departure tag

And if you search for "compass" 5 different compass stamps come up

Here's a couple more I found that I had picked up for my stash a while back!

Air Mail Brad
Air Mail Tag
Air Mail Background

Oh and 2 world map stamps:

world map stamp1

world map/globe stamp

Oh those are all so great. I'm excited because I have some travel pictures I'd like to scrap too.
I have a luggage in a bundle (freebie) on my blog. It's in blue but it might help too.