Do you have difficulties with search on this site?

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Do you have difficulties with search on this site?

One of the common threads from the March survey was that people were having issues finding things through search. Details weren't included, so we're not sure what this means. Do you have difficulties using the site search to find what you want? Do you have other problems with the search? Please be specific so we can figure out how to solve the problem(s). We are looking specifically for info regarding the asset/kit/template searching.

(Currently there is no ability to search the forums or the blog. This is a problem we know about. This could be causing some of the problems since the search bar on the site only searches designs. So if you're looking for the current blog train, typing that in the search bar won't help you.)

I'm new so maybe I just don't know where to look but I don't know how to keep track of posts I've written. In my profile it just says "soon this page will be filled with recent activity." But I joined maybe 5 days ago and still no activity is posted. Also, when searching for "rainbow" only 1 or 2 things came up when I've seen a lot more that has rainbow colors just by posting. Edit: oopps I think I just realized you're talking about forum search and not asset search.

@Kim: Thanks! Actually since you can only search the asssets, etc that's what we're looking for feedback on. You can't currently search anything else.