April Paper a Day Challenge: Week 3

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My word paper


Wonderful papers here!

@ Janet: Thanks! I really love how your word paper turned out too. smiley

Everyone is doing such a good job!

I finally finished the papers for week 2

Here are my grunge papers:

For my words paper I used a beautiful typography piece I found using one of my favorite lyrics from one of my favorite bands, Neutral Milk Hotel. It seemed to go well with both the doodle-y look and the sort of indie vibe the papers have going (in my head, at least smiley):

Catching up on my photo paper, I decided to continue the Neutral Milk Hotel theme (Jeff Mangum on the marquee there is NMH). This one is pretty funky and I don't know what anyone would use it for, but it was fun to make! I really like the effect all the lights in the photo take on when blended this way.

Here are my damasks, and now I'm all caught up! Yay! If you have a hankering to see each paper individually, they're here.

Word Paper:


Here is my word paper for today:

I'm behind, busy with kids, busy with work!
Here's my grunge. I struggled with this, and know that it looks more painter-ly, but have extended my resources for the time, and I like how the final result turned out.


Again, if I had more time. And, I kept wanted to over texture it but refrained from doing so (and that took a lot!)


Here is my doodle paper for the 18th. I used a CU overlay for my doodles.


Janet, it looks like we had the same idea with our word paper! smiley

OK, so I am working ahead since the paper themes were posted. I wanted to do some solids and so.....Here is my embossed paper pack. The solids at have the embossing around the outside of the paper.


Great minds think alike Chickie. smiley

Yikes, the doodle paper is tricky! I think I've finally got a doodle that I like (created it from scratch) but sheesh, it took forever and a day. Hats off to those designers who do lots of doodling in their kits!




Here's my doodle paper:

And my embossed for tomorrow:

My Doodle Paper

My Grunge:

My Words:

I made my doodle paper using some wonderful free CU brushes from HG Designs. She has about 10 sets of doodle brushes you don't need to buy her commercial license in order to use for CU. If anyone's looking for doodles: http://cesstrelle.wordpress.com/page/2/?s=doodle&submit=Search. I made this in three colors (I always have such a hard time deciding!), image is linked to my blog if you want to see the others.



I am very late, but I haven´t given up. If I do 2-3 papers each day, I can keep up with you very fast.

So, I made those this evening. They are paper 7 - geometrical and paper 15-plaid:

Playing some catch up!!




Day 17_Words

Day 18_Doodles

The "Urban Scrawl" brushes I used to make my doodle paper were created by InvisibleSnow on Deviant Art and you can download them here if you'd like a copy for yourself.

Doodles..................(This was rather fun - I need to explore this a little more, in the future!) I wanted to make this look like cave drawings, petroglyphs....



Arrows - (I'm a bit early, but I am doing this between class assignments at school.)


Day 19_Embossed

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . . I'm caught up!

I finished all papers for this week. Yeah!!!


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