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With that said if you had to make a scrapbook of your favorite candy or candies what would it be?

I have a sweet tooth, so it would have to be Godiva Chocolate (yeah I know I have expensive taste) and Gummy Candy and my absolute favorite Cinnamon Bears

PEZ - though it really isn't my favorite but I have 1500+ pez dispensers. So it would be easy to fill a book.

I can't really pick a candy that is my favorite to eat. I am a candy addict.

Chocolate truffles.... But when I was a kid I probably would've listed different penny candies (Mary Janes, Swedish Fish, Rock Candy, etc.).

I am slightly obsessed with candy. I generally prefer fruity to chocolate, and lately I've been eating a lot of Haribo.

Actually I'm not a candy addict, I prefer chocolate instead of it. But If I will make a layout that must be our traditional "Akide" candy (it's a bit bitter candy). Full of jars with all type of that candy always impresses me. This candy looking like that:

and this is my favorite (with sesame):

When I was making tags I made a tag about Lemon Heads. They were my favorite then. At Valentine's Day and Halloween, I have to get FunDip. The rest of the time its Red Hots and chocolate...

I'm more of a chocolate person than candy. I love Mars bars. If I had to pick one particular candy, I would have to say salt water taffy. Its soft enough to chew, but doesn't last as long as gum. I don't like things that stick to my teeth (chips, cookies, sticky candy...), but for some reason I like it when the taffy is almost sticky enough to pull out my fillings. I know... weird huh?

@Molly: I love lemonheads! We used to buy them by the bag & keep them in ball jars for our boys...that and those hot cinnamon balls.

This is a really inspiring idea! Now I need to start collecting wrappers. I'm picturing an image of a vending machine made out of candy wrappers and then fun size wrappers standing for large wrappers inside the machine. It makes sense in my head! I want candy.

@Molly... LOVE Lemonheads and Fun Dip!!!!

I would probably say Lemonheads and Fun Dip are tied for my favorite candies for most of the year, but when the Easter season comes Cadbury Easter Eggs are my favorite!!! But only the traditional ones not all those weird variations they've been trying in recent years!

I asked my kids this question last night My oldest said he would do Sour Patch Kids, My middle child said Twizzlers and my youngest said chocolate and lots of it.

I am a chocolate addict and I don't really have a specific favourite, but orange flavoured chocolate is pretty divine!