ISO Witty sayings in cool fonts

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ISO Witty sayings in cool fonts

Hi everyone! I'm new here so sorry if this question was already asked somewhere else. I'm looking for a resource online that has free printable quotes in cool fonts. Anything that will save me time from making my own. Also, kid-oriented ones would be great because they will be used in the classroom. Thanks!

sorry... I'm not real familiar with printables as much. You might try to do a google search for WordArt designers and then check out their blogs or FB pages and see if they have any giveaways freebies on their blogs. You could insert them into a 8.5x11 document (even in word if you don't have a digi program you use) and print them from your home printer.

The Elegant WordArt blog has lots of free word art. The trick is wading through it to find what you want.

If you have time and if you are not prone to addictions, you could try a search on Pinterest: 'Printable Quotes' or 'Free printable quotes' gives you a couple of evenings to fill for sure...

Donna's Digital Creations also has free wordart. She has an extensive list to organize them, but you still need to wade through them to figure out exactly what you need. Some of her items are very funny if you need a snarky phrase for a friend's birthday card for example.

You can also try Wordart World