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I did a post about candy and now heres another questions what bakery item would you do for scrapping? For me it would be hard it would go to cup cakes, cakes, canolli, specialty deserts you see at restaurants. Oh and if anyone shops at Whole Foods you know what I am talking about with their bakery selections. To die for those cakes with all those fruits..... oh wow

There are few things I miss about Atlanta. One of those things would be Publix chocolate ganache cake though. I could make a page about missing that.

I live in Florida now originally from Chicago. When I moved down here 12 years ago I was amazed at how Publix had all this stuff and I use to shop at Jewel in Chicago and they never had anything like that at all from the deserts to the sub sandwiches and all that.

When I was growing up we always had Saturday morning donuts from Cub (a grocery store, I'm not sure how wide the chain has spread). They are still my donut ideal when I think about getting donuts. You just can't compete with the nostalgia factor.

Having lived in France I miss all French patisserie, the crepes and the French markets. Every morning my husband went out for breakfast to fetch the daily baguette and the croissants. Not the fake ones that are being baked in the USA but the real buttery flaky stuff, that melt on your tongue. On Sunday we would have a special breakfast with other croissants like a croissant au Amande, a pain au chocolat or a brioche. You have to be there early because a croissant has a shelf life of 4 hours, than they're old.

Together with a lovely strong espresso we would have a wonderful breakfast. Oh how I miss that! smiley I'm lucky that my husband has patisserie or pastry baking as hobby. It's totally different than his profession. smiley

@Marisa, sorry to say but I think Cub has gone out of business. They went out in Indiana a long time ago....

I would want to scrap Tiramisu... hmmm what a gorgeous palette that would be...

Can't beat a fresh cream chocolate eclair!

@Molly: You gave me a mini heart attack, but they are still going strong in MN, so I'm looking forward to my Saturday fix someday soon.

@Marisa- well good news! I guess they just closed in Indiana. smiley

We don't have any bakeries around here, which is a major bummer... I would love a good muffin right now or a cannoli...

In the little town in the Missouri Bootheel where I grew up there is still a family owned bakery that makes the most decadent melt in your mouth coconut cake in the entire world. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! smiley

There are a couple things I miss about Winnipeg. The Jeanne's cakes. They are the best birthday cakes ever. They have a shortbread cookie base and a cooked frosting. They are world famous (from the Royal family to celebs that visit Winnipeg) and have been in business for about 70 years. The other thing I miss is the Winnipeg Rye bread. It is the best rye bread I've ever tasted. Match that with Montreal smoked meat, and you have the best sandwich ever. Those are two things I could scrapbook about...

ETA: Oh yeah, I forgot about the City Bakery bagels. Better than one's I had from Montreal (I haven't tasted any New York bagels, but I heard Montreal's are better, so just by that I think Winnipeg's would be better too. smiley ).

I would love to scrap a page of pretty cake pictures! I have scrapped pages of us baking cookies since we do that frequently around here.

I bake bread and do a lot of canning myself. Just got inspired to do a fall canning scrapbook layout or two. Would be a good end to all the gardening layouts. Oh the inspiration keeps growing. If only I had endless amounts of time too. Oh and motivation. Where to begin. lol

I suppose it would have to be cupcakes!

cupcake another favorite of mine! smiley

Yes cupcakes for me too, or any other nice looking cake!!! Lol!!

I like to bake cakes, but do you believe I never tried cupcakes? I´d like to try someday... does any of you have any hints about cupcakes for beginners?

I do it the easy way cake mix and follow the directions. I do not have that much patience for baking from scratch.