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Need help learning

Hi Everybody,
I wanna learn how to make linen; cardstock;shiny glitter paper. I am trying to teach myself but it's not coming out right. Is there anyone that can help me learn how to make them?

Hi Nikki!

First of all, please, check our Profile Expectations. All posts on the forum made from people that don´t have all the expectations ok can be deleted at any time by the moderators. We don´t really like to do it, so we always ask you to make this up when it´s the first time it happens.

Please, consider also our forum guidelines. It asks you to introduce yourself on the apropriated topic before starting making your own topics and interact on the other forums.

Our expectations and guidelines are really important to us, so following it you´ll also make more people answer your topics.

This being said, on the top white bar there is a link for the tutorials forum. there are tutorials for making basic and corrugated cardstok there. glitter is a very tricky thing, so I don´t recomend you to do it by now, if you´re a beginner. Linen can be acheived with texturizer tool of photoshop, under effects menu. I am not sure if you use photoshop or not, it´s also very important to tell what is your programme before asking how to questions, to get specific answers.

You can also find on the internet textures and overlays ready to use; I have to say, mostly for beginners, it´s the best way to go.

Hi Lorien,
I just introduce myself---I thought I did that yesterday but when I looked I don't see the post. (Sorry)
I also have Photoshop I apologize. Thank you for replying to me:) I want to sell my scrapbooking papers in an online store eventually. Do you think I am in the right place?

I use Paint Shop Pro, so cannot help you with PS, but along with the tutorials you can find here, i also suggest you do a google search, for instance "how to make paper in photoshop". You will be amazed at the tutorials out there. Also, try Youtube and do a similar search.

Is Paint Shop Pro better?

It depends on who you are. I am self taught and that is what I had to learn on. My husband bought it for me. When I try to use my PS Elements...I just can't do it! I am forcing myself to learn a little here and there though as I know there are things it can do that PSP a designer, I want all the options smiley

Ok, I am self taught also. I started out the PSE and then got Adobe Suite and it's fun but frustrating because I am having to teach myself everything. Is PSP easier to design papers as a beginner (just asking)?

The deaful software is Photoshop Nikki. Almost all the tutorials from this site are based on it, and, if I were you, I´d stick on photoshop. There are people that use other software, but then is difficult to help them sometimes, exactly because of that. For example, some of ours (including myself) are taking a designer class on Scraps N´pieces store, and its tutorials and resources are only for photoshop and photoshop elements. Unfortunatelly, the class already started, and there is no way to get it in the middle smiley

If you wanna have your own store, go for it! but be aware that it´s really really harder than it seems. You will need to have a very high quality standard, and you probably won´t reach it on the first trials. So, you will need to design and learn a lot before you can really sell your stuff.

I´ve been desinging since December and I knew my first kit was a disaster; I wasn´t satisfied with the second either, but from the third on I thought I was ok. Not the best, but ok for a beginner. Now, with this class demanding the industrial qualities, and having everything I am doing for it quality-checked by someone I really admire, who is a fantastic designer, I think none of my previous kits were really ok...

But I can see you don´t fear learning smiley It´s very good and my answer for you is YES! You are in the right place! Go for it! And keep asking questions, if you can´t find the answer somewhere else in the forum.

Could you try the texturizer thing I told you in the morning at photoshop? Effects is at the top bar, then you go on texture, then texturizer. Explore all the options there and see if you are satisfied with it. Then, come back and tell us. In my opinion, if you can do your linen paper with texturizer, it´s already a lot of learning smiley

One more hint: Challenges make you grow. Why don´t you go to the challenges forum and join the paper a day challenge? Doesn´t matter if you can, or can´t, make all the papers Marisa propose, but give it a try to learn more smiley

I completely agree with Lorien! If you head on over to the challenge forum (paper a day challenge) you'll learn tons along the way. We're just half way through, but you can always jump in and learn. At the beginning of May, we'll be doing an element a day challenge. That would be a great one for you to join in as well. It'll give you some experience with designing. Since the challenge is to create things from scratch, you'll also have some templates that you create which will be usable in the future, when you open your own shop. There are so many opportunities to learn here!

I also agree with Jodi, if you don't find a tutorial here that works for you, I would google/youtube the effect you're looking for. I have been doing that a lot recently and frequently find great tutorials! I would also stick with Photoshop if I were you. I've never worked with PSP, but know that many of the tutorials that I've found the most useful have been for photoshop. Plus, it's quite an expensive need to spend more money on a different program!

Lorien, nice to meet you! Andrea Gold at GoDigitalscrapbooking offers Photoshop classes. You have to wait until the beginning of the month to start but you might consider it if you need a lesson plan/ curriculum to help...

Also Chelle's at Scrap Orchard has a Designer Edition Club with Q&A, resources, and tutorials.

And of course, check out the tutorials here- there are tons!

Wow guys I'm excited!!!! You all have given me a lot of resources. I am about to check out the Challenge Forum also Janet.
@ Loren I am about to work on the texturizer you mentioned. Plus look up some of the classes Molly gave me.

I bought the entire beginner series of Andrea Gold's Photoshop classes and the training pdfs are really good! I started a month ago but am still on week 2 of the first course as I have been really busy. Not only that she has a private group on her Facebook for us to post our assignments and is not rushing us at all. There are four weeks to each class and the bundle has six (month long) classes. You work at your own pace. I just looked it up and see that it right now costs $80 for the bundle:

If you are interested

I think it is a real bargain, especially if you you buy bundle vice one at a time. I am okay with short "tutorials" but prefer a complete pdf of instructions to really "get" it. And if you want to start in Photoshop the beginner class really starts at the beginning with a detailed "map" of the tools and such!

Cool I looked it up and I think I am going to go that route. Do you have to have Facebook?
I don't have it.

Not sure about that. Originally she would have us put the assignments in the forum at GDS and then moved it to FB. Good for us though because most of us are soooo behind...but you do work at your own pace. I am not big on FB and rarely even comment but it helps me stay up to date with most of my family-you know, the young ones that are so electronic! I did one account for just the scrapbooking FB pages especially for when designers have FB hops. Although I have my pic, I don't even have the city that I live in on FB is pretty boring but I think safer because there is almost no personal info on it. You might want to consider it.

If you follow the link, there is a place for you to send an email to Andrea.

Hey Janet I purchased the Photoshop Beginner class. I am just waiting for the email from Andrea.

Good for you! I think you will enjoy it....I am only on week 2 and started over a month ago. Even being retired way to busy keeping up with challenges in a couple of the forums I belong to and then to top it all off I started a Design Mentoring Class but in early May I will be back to it to try and finish...then on to all the others!

BTW, Andrea is really great!

She just emailed me---I told her I will start out with the downloads and emailing questions first because I want to get started. But I am going to look in to Facebook later

I knew she would accommodate you! I think you will really be happy with the class!

I also worked my way through Andrea Golds PS Classes. I learned so many things about PS and designing. There was another way I learned about all the possibilities in PS, I tried some PS actions and tried to follow every single step in this actions to see how they work. Time consuming of course but a good chance for me to learn.

I use Elements 8. There are lot's of Elements tutorials out there. I haven't got a glitter tutorial (yet!), but I will google "Glitter card tutorial Elements" and see if I can find one!

@Anett That is a great idea!! Thanks for the tip!

here is a tutorial for glitter. I made my glitter card for the paper a day challenge with it.

I so badly want to learn Photoshop....just need to save some money to buy some of those classes you are all talking about!

@Janet did my first lesson and I am trying to upload but I can not find the browser. Do you know if I am doing anything wrong?

@Nikki I am not sure where you are uploading to? Are you uploading in the Forum of GDS? If so you would first upload to the gallery and then post it in the applicable forum thread? Hope this helps. I am now doing it in FB and in our "locked" group you just click on the photo tab and upload it in a post.

Aren't they great and complete pdf instructions?

@Janet Sorry I did not get back with you. I will try it in FB and yes they are great instructions.