What is your favorite color?

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What is your favorite color?
24% (34 votes)
15% (22 votes)
14% (21 votes)
12% (17 votes)
11% (16 votes)
9% (14 votes)
6% (9 votes)
2% (4 votes)
1% (2 votes)
0% (1 vote)
0% (1 vote)
Total votes: 141

Based on some chit chat here I thought we should do a poll...http://www.pixelscrapper.com/forums/general/chit-chat/what-is-your-favorite

definitely Yellow!

My very favourite color is White, but actualy....I like every color....every color has its beauty, but white I love the most, it gives me rest

Purpleis my favorite. Which is odd considering I try to not buy anything purple! (It rules my life. My house is covered in purple.)

Yellow was my Mom's favorite color.

purple purple purple

My absolute favorite color is yellow!! C:

It's happy and fun. Sunshine.

@Saskia We are yellow buddies. smiley

Green! All shades of green smiley

I love all colors as well...all of them so much, I cannot choose. What color looks best on me and you will find in my closet more than any other? Melon, coral, pink. Green makes me look sick. Purple looks terrible on me. But I love the whole spectrum!!

yellow! the color of a bright and sunny day. I love every tones of it.

Couldn't exactly vote the way I wanted...green and purple are my favorites equally these days. Used to be just green, so I picked it. smiley

Today it is pink. Tomorrow it will be something else. *is wishy-washy*

Pink is my favorite... but I like Kiwi Green too, but I picked pink in the poll since that's my most favorite of the two favorites...lol.

I love red.

Green, can't wait for all the white to be gone, we have been buried in snow for 6 months; and I NEEEEED green.

For some reason I am surprised that Green is number 1. That was my Dad's... Purple is mine!

Red!!! but pink and bright lime-y green are next smiley

Purple overall, but I tend to have mini love affairs with various colours, my current love is maroon red smiley

So many colors and not enough time! Hehe. My favorites are red, purple, and pink. I also love certain shades of green.

hi it is pink. smiley

Blue, lime green, orange.min the order of greatest to not as great

definately pink! lol!!

Teal. Also love all shades of purple and blue and the bluey shades of green but not the yellowy greens.

red, to my dismay. I get biased even though I know other colors are pretty. But given the same thing with different colors, I would always go for the red. >_<

Purple! It's been my favorite color since I was a kiddo. But I do have to say that I love shades of every color also!

The new neon colors are starting to grow on me...didn't care for them at first. But they are bright!

Oh I have so many favourite combinations, but I think I would have to go for red.


I would have most definitely picked black!