At the Zoo Alpha - "not a valid zip file"

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At the Zoo Alpha - "not a valid zip file"

Hi - I downloaded the "At the Zoo Alpha - Clear Polka Dots" but winzip says it is "not a valid zip file" and that "central directory cannot be found". I downloaded and unzipped the blue alpha fine so I do not think it's my fault? Sorry to bother you with it.

It opened fine for me. I would suggest downloading it again, maybe the file got corrupted as you downloaded. I sent you some extra credits to help out.

Thank you for the credits Marisa - there wasn't any need, you are so generous! Unfotunately I still can't get it to work. It looks like it downloads but then I get the same messages as I wrote above. WInzip does not like it. I may try and download another unzipper and see if I have more luck or I may just put it in the "not to be" box. You have so many pretty alphas. Thanks anyway.

@Dawn: please let us know if you have trouble with any of the other zip files, or if you get this one to work with a different unzipper.

Has anyone else had this issue?

I tried with the windows 7 unzipper but no joy. I downloaded the brown zoo alpha today and that unzipped fine.

I've replace the file, so hopefully it will work now.

YES! It unzipped and it is lovely *doing a happy dance*. Thank you so much Jordan and Marisa.