Future Blog Trains: April, May, June 2018

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Future Blog Trains: April, May, June 2018

Let's start collecting ideas for upcoming blog trains. We're looking at April, May and June. Please share theme ideas, and SPECIFIC color combos.

April: "Drink Tea & Read"-----since it's a rainy month here where I am in the NW of USA, and you wanna curl up with a book and tea! LOL
As far as colors, I don't know how to do the files like Kayl, but I can give you specific colors in words:
teal, light pink, light brown, dark brown, midnight blue or sapphire blue, and light yellow.

May: "A Touch of Bling", covers Moms and the freshness of Spring.
Colors: rose gold, silver, light green, medium green, dark green, medium brown, silvery white, cream, and several shades of pink.

June: "One Step At A Time", covers Dads and Grads.
Colors: slate blue, velvet red, vibrant orange, grass green, pine green, velvet black.

To go along with Lisel's suggestion of "Drink Tea & Read", I recall "A Mug & A Book" being thrown out there at some point... I thought it was during the last blog train brainstorm but I couldnt actually find it over there.. Maybe it's all in my head but I swore there was a color palette drawn up, too! Am I totally losin' it? Quite possible. smiley

Dinosaurs - could be a fun theme (requested in the Patron Design Request Forum) or maybe we could somehow broaden the theme? Colors could be along the lines of browns, tans, creams, warm greens, maybe dull grayish blues too?

Spa Day - is also a request from the forum which could be fun, too smiley As for colors, I'd say lavender, a more mid tone purple, mint, green, light pinks, buttery yellow, cream, maybe a mid tone blue and or orange? Really, rainbow colors would work, maybe even the BYB palette.

Park Play - might have potential to be a fun one with summer upcoming. It could be interpreted as water park, theme park, basic playground park, dog park, skate park, maybe more! I would think along the lines of primary type colors, the "Hometown Heroes" palette that we had suggested by Holly seems perfect. I wasn't able to access the palette preview but I was able to get this. I do have the aco file for that palette.

I would love to see a blog train devoted to fitness. It's such a wide-ranging theme considering all the ways that people engage in exercise. When I think about specific colors, I think of all the clothes we wear when exercising. Black and white are common gym-gear colors. Strong, saturated colors are also what I see at the gym, out riding bikes, walking, swimming, etc. So, red, blue, green, yellow and orange. I think it's a theme that could apply to any month.

Kayl, I want to say that "A Mug and a Book" suggestion was when we were choosing themes for last fall, and I don't remember if we drew up a color palette for it or not.

We did Spa Day last year or so, with a similar palette, even! smiley

Lisel, I'm all kinds of happy with a palette that includes teal and a midnight blue, especially if there's a silver-grey added to it--those have been my SCA colors for about 20 years now! I'm not a big tea drinker, but give me a mug of cocoa, mocha, or hot cider, and I'm all ready to curl up with a good book for the next several hours (only stopping to refill my mug, which is why I use a 20-oz one!)... It might also be good to have some shades in there that would be useful for scones, cakes, cookies, etc., for those who need a bit of something to eat along with their drinks. Perhaps something like a cranberry/wine red, something deep, rich, and blue-based rather than orangey?

I defs recall 'mug and a book', smiley can there ever be remotely enough spa? smiley

I'm terrible at "themes" because I don't really scrap or design that way...but color palettes are my definite fave!

One of these might be nice for the dinosaur idea:
[Color Swatch 1]

[Color Swatch 2]

Maybe this one for the spa theme:
[Color Swatch 3]

I LOVE this color palette (but maybe add a bright pretty pink like the center of the plums) no ideas for a theme:
[Color Swatch 4]

Here are a few more I particularly love:
[Color Swatch 5]

[Color Swatch 6]

[Color Swatch 7]

[Color Swatch 8]

[Color Swatch 9]

I still would love to do the "Mug and a Book" theme we talked about last fall- I honestly have zero opinion on colors except to include a rich brown lol!

Have we done something like "Oh the Places You'll Go" that could cover anything from graduation to travel to leaving for university or camp? I love it when people interpret a theme in their own unique ways- like the current "Love Knows No Borders" theme, we have everything from diversity to travel to Valentine's!

Another suggestion could be "Fun & Games"- whether it is a favorite sport, board game, card game, kids' game, whatever. I could see using the BYB palette for that.

Lastly, "The Road Less Travelled." - adventures, nature, college, peacefulness, hideaways, etc.

I would LOVE to do an "Oh the Places You'll Go" theme, especially if it's got a bright, cheerful color scheme to go with all those wonderful places and endless possibilities.

There is also the 50s/60s request in the design requests forum, which I'd be interested in.

I uploaded unused blog train palettes here if you want to take a look, including A Mug & A Book.

Well I'm not a total loon then! Thanks for clearing that up smiley

I wouldnt be opposed to 50s/60s though I must admit I'm completely ignorant to anything about those decades. Maybe poodle skirts were a thing then? Jukeboxes? Hard to say without some investigating however I would likely just build a basic 'filler' kit. smiley

I like a general Travel or Journey kit along the lines of what Laurel said with "Oh The Places You'll Go" and "The Road Less Traveled". What about "Destination: Adventure" to compliment our "Destination: Pick Your Place" BT but with 1 chosen color palette rather than us choosing our own. It could cover literally any adventure whether it's hobbies outdoors, indoors, events like graduation or running off to college, becoming a new parent, obtaining a drivers license, summer camps, traveling of whatever kind - road trips, camping, cruising, flying, etc!

If we continue with the dinosaur theme, I love Rachel's first 2 palettes. I also really love color swatches 4 & 6 put together but can't really think of a new theme for them.

A book theme, reading, library, etc.

Grandma's Recipes



I already posted some ideas, but now that I read through all your ideas, I have more! ROFL!

What about specific themes?
For example: jewelry---sparkles----Grandma's jewelry box----

Or, make-up: brushes----eyelashes----lipstick----nail polish----

Or, disguises: glasses from every era----hats for men and women----mustaches----pipes----scarves----

Or, pop music from the 80's: big hair frames----leather jackets----dark make-up----Madonna like jewelry----parachute pants----posters of bands----

......and even more ideas:

Queen For A Day (could be good for birthdays, Mom's day, spa day, etc) with BLING

Notice a BLING theme here for me? ROFL! I love blingy everything......

Shoes-----maybe tons of different types, mens, womens, childrens----combat boots, pumps, espadrils, western boots, snow boots, horse riding boots, canvas, sneakers, tennis shoes, running shoes, flip flops, strappy shoes, sandals, etc.

Collections of things:
For example: rocks, Eiffel towers, leaves, sand dollars, gems, figurines, candles, cameras, salt & pepper shakers, etc.

And, by the way, every palette listed above looks awesome, all the colors are rich and full, beautiful!

Rachel: Lovely colors, all of them... My faves are 4 and 6. smiley

Marisa : smiley Same, all colors are wonderful, my faves of the ununsed blog train swatches are June Ceremonies and Mug & Book.

I'd love a broad travel theme as suggested by @Kayl and @Laurel smiley

Finally, a swatch more along the unusual colour combinations which seem to be a trend right now.., I am a sucker for orange and magenta with red.

@Lisel: smiley Do you have isolated objects in mind when you say 'figurines'? That say depict a certain character, like play figurines?

I'm thinking any type of figurines, but for myself I'd like World of Warcraft type figurines. In fact, I'd love a whole KIT devoted to that, but most people wouldn't want that, lol! So, I've posted in the "Patron Request" section about that.
But anything related to gaming, or movies (you know, Avengers, X-men, etc.) or even things like Fisher Price Little People, children's figurines, etc.

I'd love a Mug & Book theme & one of the broad travel themes. I'd get lots & lots of use out of both!

I'd like to throw out another idea. We've done gardens before but the kits always end up about vegetable gardens. I do grow vegetables & herbs but my real love, taking up most of my garden space, is perennial flowers - & there are almost no kits about perennial flower gardens. I've looked. Marisa has several absolutely gorgeous kits with vintage blooms (Seriously Floral) & I'm using every bit of them heavily* but a)many of them are annuals & b) I want more! Lots & lots more! smiley

What I'd love to see would be list cards tracking what worked, what didn't, what surprised me, what's new in the garden, that sort of thing. Some actual journal cards (to write up what's going on). Maybe a blank calendar I could use each month to see what's blooming where & when. Some illustrations (flat, for us hybriders, as well as 3D for the digi scrappers) of tools, gardeners, vintage flowers, etc; word art; vintage perennial seed packets of all kinds; & of course, paper. In my fantasy world, all the paper would be like those in Seriously Floral - gorgeous vintage blooms, but I know I'm a bit, um, obsessed by my gardens & don't expect the rest of you to be quite as floral happy!

I'm also going to cross-post this in Patron Requests, in case this would be better for PS designers than for a blog train.

*I scrap about my gardens, from picking the heirloom seeds to start, winter sowing the seeds, taming the horrendous weeds that have infested my beds, what blooms when, etc. I love my gardens!

City Lights?

OOooooooh! Robin, I LOVE that idea!

Hello! Lovely colors and ideas!

For April it would be nice to make a color-saturated kit to left the March soft colors and make a turn... the dinos idea is my favourite! and the 1st palette proposed by Rachel Martin is also my fav for this idea.

The idea of a mug and a book is also perfect, so I agree to make it, and my color palette would be like the one proposed for cozy kitchen. I would add more browns (perfect for coffee or chocolate)... this is the resulting palette I made. I deleted the blue marine, grey and black, and the darkest brown could substitute the black...


My third fav is a kit about the 50s and or 60s!

smiley TY for your reply... anything 'label' like Avenger sounds like a potential legal issue...

Lovely idea!

Love your swatch, Sonia.

Hi of course i love the 50s and 60s i requested it but i also like the kitchen one with adding a fav recipe to our kit 3rd i like the mug and a book one.

smiley Like a recipe card or a template for a recipe book?

I really like the dinosaur theme!! It seems so hard to find kits for boys, at least for me. And, like Sarah in post #18, I would love to see a theme focusing more on flower gardens. Here are a couple of palette suggestions

I love, love, love Dawn's flower power palette - my only change would be to add a soft blue or two (if possible). And Dawn, I'm glad I'm not alone here in flower garden land! smiley

PS I love the dinosaur theme, too. I should, I majored in geology (& history) & then went to grad school for geology (but took history classes, too)! I never found a dinosaur but I did help find what turned out to be a nearly complete giant sloth!

that is so cool, Sarah!!

How about this blue?

@Dawn: I LOVE this flower power color combination! SO full of possibilities!!! I just don't know if I like the flower power theme... I am not the best person to give an opinion on the matter because I seldom use flowers in my LOs, but what I think is: NO matter what the theme is there are always a lot of flowers in the kit, but when the theme is flowers it seems like they are the only thing there is and the final product becomes a bit ovewhelming in terms of flowers... Could we change the theme to something like Gardening Power/ You belong with the wild flowers/ Seeds of today - Flowers of tomorrow... You know, just so we can make the theme a bit bigger. What do you all think?

I love the Diggin Dinossaurs colors and theme!!!!

@ Bina: #16: I feel those colors would be perfect for a 50's and 60's theme. It would give us a more inspired by kind of kit, so I would be all for it!

I love the Mug and a Book theme too, and the Places you'll go.

The shoes theme proposed could be changed to a fashionista kind of thing wich would broaden it too,

Oh! And gaming/youtube/ movies/ music would be exciting too!

So... Just my two cent... smiley

wow very beautiful thème and palette Marisa , i love it! it's for april ???? smiley


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