Touching Video About True Beauty

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Touching Video About True Beauty

Just saw this shared by a friend on Facebook. The site is Christian and I realize not everyone here is necessarily but the video is done by Dove brand products and is truly touching so I thought I would share...

You can see more related videos from this series on and also see the video that Molly posted in a larger screen. It´s a great idea. And yes, I do agree with them. We are so critical about ourselves, that we don´t feel as beautiful as we are...

Oh thanks Lorien! I had only seen the one. smiley

Sweet! I want to watch the rest of the videos later.

WOW... very touching, going back to watch the rest later

It sure opens your eyes a little as to how you're perceived by others. I think we are wayyyyy too critical of ourselves at times. Love this video! smiley

I use to work for The Body Shop, I love their values and what they stand for. They don't teach you how to sell but they teach you about people and how everyone is beautiful in their own way. They support individuality and creativity. I can just go on and on about them.

Dove is amazing and I love these campaigns.

I saw this recently and thought it was very thought provoking.