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Washi Tape Templates

Hi Marisa!
I love your templates. Would it be possible for you to feature some washi tape templates, so that I can attach papers, or ribbons to them to create authentic looking washi tape? Issy xo

Hi Issy. Please don´t forget to furfill all feature requests guidelines so you receive an answer as soon as possible.

While our pro designers don´t answer your question, I´ll tell you a way I use to make washi tapes from papers, which I´m sure aren´t as pretty as Marisa ones, but can start solving your request: I crop a part of the paper and low its oppacity (oppacity option is on layers box on photoshop). Then, I save the result on a .png file and use on my pages!

Thanks Lorien for your advice. Maybe you can also advise me how to get the "look" of washi, when it's accidentally folded back on itself and stuck to itself (you know, when it's not laid down perfectly on your layout). I would appreciate any tips on how to do this. Thanks, Issy xo

Marisa made a tutorial on this and includes a link to the brush set she recommends. The brush set gives it that torn look.


I've just uploaded a set of tape templates. They are all "flat" but hopefully they will be useful smiley