Customizing Your Work area

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Customizing Your Work area

By customizing your work area you may be ale to make Photoshop run faster, your work area more efficient and your designs may imporve. The area that you can customize are:

• Optimize Photoshop
• Set General Preferences
• Set File Handling Preferences
• Set Interface Preferences
• Set Cursors Preferences
• Control Transparency & Gamut Preferences
• Change Units & Rulers Preferences
• Change Guides, Grid & Slices Preferences
• Set Plug-Ins Preferences
• Select Scratch Disks
• Allocate Memory & Image Cache
• Set Type Preferences
• Manage Libraries with the Preset Manager
• Use and Customize Workspaces
• Build Specialized Workspaces
• Create a Customized User Interface
• Define Shortcut Keys

Have you set your Preferences? Photoshop preferences will allow you to customize Photoshop to your designing style, while helping to utilize your available computer resources that can increase your overall performance.

Modifying the File Handling preferences:

  • Appending a file extension help to streamline your file saving process.
  • You can change the way your cursors look. You can have a paintbrush look like a paintbrush when you are painting.
  • You can change the color of your guides, grids and slices.
  • This can make a difference when viewing an image that contains the same color as your lines.
  • Cus
Customizing makes Photoshop more yours, pleasing to you and fun to work with.

The first thing I did after installing Photoshop CS6 was to get rid of the black background. I find it very distracting and moody.

What have you done to customize Phtoshop?

Thank you Judy! I am new to PS (have PSE10 also) and didn't realize that I could get rid of the black background - going to have to find that one!

As far as the background color of the work space, on PC you can also just right click on it at anytime and a window will open for you to choose among several of the default colors - various shades of gray - or even a custom color. I tend to want to change my background work space color depending on what I'm working on and what sort of contrast I need to better see. Sometimes a lighter color is better, other times dark.

Wow, I thought I was stuck with the dark background.

I have not given customizing a thought. I am going to take a closer look at this. Thank you

I just got Photoshop CS6 This will help me get started.

Thank you

How do you change the background color on a mac?

I must assume you are asking about the interface or the dark interface that comes with CS6.

You still need to go to
For Mac - Photoshop > Preferences > Interface

Here you can select different interface colors.

When I select "File -New" on CS2, the file always defaults to custom size. I have created a 12X12 file, but I don't know how to set it as my default. It would save me loads of time if I didn't have to continually choose 12X12.

You can save it as a new preset.
Do this in the same window that you create the new document.
File > New

Understand that when you change the size, the new option will display the one that was last crated, Until it is closed and opened again