Organization tips?

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Organization tips?

Hello! I have a bit of a dilemma I am hoping some of you have addressed. I have quickly amassed a large collection of digital scrapbooking files, and need some way to be able to find things quickly. For the main stores I go to, I have folders. For the main designers I like, I have folders. I create a folder for blog hops/FB hops, usually inside the folder for the sponsoring website. That's fine, except that if I want to do a layout with specific colors, I have a heck of a time finding the right colors! Or if I am looking for a car embellishment, I have to search everything. Not every designer names their products something that identifies the object. How do you organize?? I want to keep sets together so I have the designer info and TOU with the items. I've thought about taking the folder pics and creating a spreadsheet, but that sounds like a pain!


There is already a huge discussion here about organizing digital supplies. I'm going to lock this thread to prevent duplicates. If your question isn't answered specifically, and you don't mind you can copy and paste your post into that thread... that way all the info can be in one place for others in the future. smiley

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