Weekly Challenge - No Photos - Deadline April 25

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Weekly Challenge - No Photos - Deadline April 25

Great layouts this week everyone! I know no photos can be a challenge, way to step up! I've given you all 10 community points. And congrats to our random winner Elizabeth Minkus!


The challenge this week is to ignore all your photos and scrap some words.

Important Details

Due Date: April 25, 2013 noon (UTC/GMT +3 hours)

Tag: challenge no photos april 2013
Make sure you use this tag exactly, so we can browse easily through the gallery and see all the submissions, and so you can get your points. Please only tag one layout.

See basic challenge rules here.

Check out finished and entered layouts here.

Ack, I was wondering when this one would come up. This is definitely a challenge!

I am so enjoying art journaling! I actually completed this layout the day before. So I was ready to go for this challenge!

It's in the gallery here.

now that could be really fun smiley

Hope you like this! Kind of nervous posting it...

I used some of Marissa's papers and the fence - I love that fence!

Oh crud...you said no pictures...hopefully cartoon kids might count. If this doesn't work you can delete the image.

Gonna have to think outside of the box (and comfort zone) this week. Great challenge!!!

Ok, I made one with no pictures smiley

@Betsy: In my understanding, pictures are taken with cameras from 3D objects. I also used cartoons! My submission is here:

Here is mine:

I really never thought I would ever make a no photo layout but here it is. And I really had fun learning all sorts of new tricks.

Here is the link my my gallery. I can't seem to get pictures to work in my posts. I've gotta run so I"ll work on why later.

I really can't decide what to do! At first I thought about a recipe and maybe adding a story about a memory of making it, but I can't find the "right" one. Well ... I still have a few more days.

Michelle that is really pretty (as are all of the pages!) I love the font especially!

Carrie - i love your art journaling style; it's beautiful! and Betsy your LO is darling!! the children are awesome smiley Lorien i love how bright and cheerful your LO is!! it so eye-catching and pretty! Brittany your LO is so classy and your choice of quote perfect! (i'm a Helen Keller admirer!) Michelle your journaling style is wonderful!! i'm trying to learn how and it is slow going on my part smiley your colors blend so well and everything is balanced just right. Cintia i love how delicate and feminine your LO is both in style and feel! very pretty and a little vintage feel to it! I definately should have looked through this thread for ideas before today!! Well done all smiley

Mi layout aquí.

Ha! I just uploaded my first LO, a no-pic one to boot... THEN tonight I see there's a challenge that has as its criteria no pics. Whoops.


So here's my completely coincidental no-pic LO this week!

Wow!!!! they are al soooooo beautiful, how great a layout can be without photo's, great job everyone!!!

This has been a great challenge! I love to see the art journal style layouts, as well as the "cleaner" style. So many of these layouts would make wonderful wall art. Just think, there are people who get paid good money to design stuff like this for home decorating companies. Maybe some of you have a new career path brewing?!

Here is mine:

Fortunately I had this already to go (but never posted before) or I may not have been able to get one done in time!

I really wanted to work on my paper-a-day assignments, but this challenge struck a nerve I guess... I've been meaning to do this page for a while and although I already had it mapped out in my head, it took me hours to make! It's a double page, so maybe you can best view it in the gallery:

Great layouts this week everyone! I know no photos can be a challenge, way to step up! I've given you all 10 community points. And congrats to our random winner Elizabeth Minkus!

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