Designer Challenge Rules

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Designer Challenge Rules

I'm sure these will be modified over time, leave comments if you have suggestions.

Basic rules:
The only rule for the designer challenge is to try your best! The designer challenge exists to help challenge and motivate you to step out and try something new. So if you're doing that, then your doing the right thing.

To participate you should:
Since we currently have no way for designers to post their designs on the site, you will need to have an off-site location to host your files if you wish to share them. Please leave an image and a link (if offered) in the appropriate challenge thread. See here for info on posting an image to the forum.

Hummm...not sure if my submission is what was intended for the challenge. I did create the circle template myself but the papers are from elsewhere.

I had a stab at a kite - now just need to look for the forum for the challenge...

well, I've been busy doing other things, so I'm out of the loop on this.

Question: Is it okay for us to use CU products in our creations? for the papers and elements?


@Laura: You can use CU things, just as long as you're still challenging yourself. People are at different levels for what they find challenging, so I don't want to regulate things too much.

Thanks for the clarification, Marisa!

I don't look at this part of our wonderful pixelscapper forums very often but when I do I am absolutely amazed by all the talent and how much everyone has learned since they started designing - seriously, take a moment to look at the fist mini kit or whatever that you made and the newest one that you have made. Awesome! Great work everyone.