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@Cintia, I love it!

@Laura, here is the URL for them: http://www.inapl.org/

I know the farm has been cleared of animals but in many cases, the animals just went to some fostering situations. You could definitely contact them to see if they need a more permanent situation for any of the fowl.


Count me in! tghjlw @ gmail . com

Okay, I think I have emailed everyone who gave me an email address... I also posted on my blog: http://mollyscraps4you.blogspot.com/2013/04/talk-to-animals-charity-collab-palette.html

I can't participate, as I have a bazillion other things I'm working on, but definitely let us know when it's ready and I'll blog and Facebook it!

I'd love to participate, I'm vegan and love animal causes! But I'm pretty crunched for time and have several other design projects I'm working on.

What I can do, however, if there's a way to make the timing work out, is make a nice big set of journal cards (8? 10? 12? when does it get to be too much?) if I have access to the papers that other designers have designed. I have a special way I do journal cards that makes them relatively quick for me to make and I love making them!

So it's like a quickpage (in that it's an add-on using other peoples' designs from the collab) but instead it will be a set of journal cards.

@Molly, I'll send you an email as well to see if this is something you think will be possible, given the timing you're looking at.

@Violet... I think we connected by email but I am a bit fuzzy this morning so I am responding here just in case...
That would be great! I still have some submissions coming but I will let you know when I have everything!

Hi all- just a reminder- today is the deadline for your contributions. Thank you to all who have already sent them!

My email again in case you need it is mollyharbridge @ me dot com

Molly: I will CT for you if you want and help to spread the word anyway. I can also make some clusters, or QPs. Just send me an e-mail for loriensworkshop at gmail.com telling what you need...

Are we supposed to be posting previews here? I can't wait to see what everyone made!

what an awesome French Bulldog Heather smiley

So I need to change my preview.... one of my friends pointed out that it looks like the llama is farting out the thought bubble, lol!!! I cannot look at the preview without giggling now.

Thanks Lorien!

ROTFL! I haven´t realised that, but it´s true.

Its totally true, lol! I am always terrible at previews, but that one was a new low for me. Hoping this is better...

sorry, but I can´t help to think about farting lhama now :p But probably for the ones who didn´t see this topic, there is no problem LOL

that was hillarious!!! a llama who farts dog bones! ;-D {if my momma saw this i'd get smacked for using the "F" word... LoL}

Yeah, I love the llama... but now he will always be the farting llama for me, lol!!!

For me too... And guess what? I showed your post to your fan #2 (a.k.a my husband) and he laughed so so much!

ROFLOL, oh I just HAVE to make a layout with a farting lama now! Just need to figure out what photo to use smiley

That was so funny! I didn't see that the llama was passing gas because the dog was so awesome! Thank you for the laughter.

I'm glad he got a laugh out of my pitiful preview, Lorien! smiley LOL, Melouise!!!! I would love to see that layout! Glad I gave you a giggle, Lou Anne, and thanks! I am quite proud of the dog!

I am so glad I came to the thread... I almost forgot to chnage out your preview Heather! Don't worry, it is updated now. smiley

I am working on a big preview right now... it has turned into a real challenge for me.

@Lorien- I've sent you an email... smiley

Aww man, I bet its a challenge Molly! Its hard enough fitting everything in a preview with a regular sized kit! I don't envy you that job!

@Molly: I saw your mail just now, I was without internet last evening. Let´s see if I still have time to help smiley

The preview is great smiley

Thanks. smiley

Molly, I just sent you an e-mail.