Rain and Snow

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Rain and Snow

Raining in Kansas City and suppose to get more snow today. I'm so down in the back from shoveling and I'm going to sit and watch only this time.

Here in Minnesota we keep getting more and more snow. I wonder when it's going to quit. I really like the cold and snow but I miss having a little bit warmer weather so I can open my windows and such. I am hoping this will be a cooler summer. I really dislike the heat! I'm hoping all this wetness will make everything lush and beautiful!

In Texas we had a week of warm summery April and now we are back to cold and rainy. Just when you thought it was safe to put away the coats and jackets....

Same thing happened here last summer: I took a long time to looks like summer, because it was so cold. Then, close to the New year we had two awesome weeks, but then, after that, a cold month. The summer wasn´t a very good one. But the fall and the winter, unfortunatelly, aren´t shy as the summer. Today I´m already using winter clothes. smiley

Here in Arizona we have been getting a lot of wind. Just blowing up the dust.

It was warm here the past week or so (Georgia) so I decided to go ahead and buy my kids new shorts for the summer. They're taking standardized tests this week which is a change from normal since they're doing the K12 curriculum this year. It's like telecommuting to school. The gist is that they normally do it wearing pajamas or sweats. I figured they could wear their new shorts this week for the tests and nobody would have to know how antisocial we've become over the course of the year.

So it only makes sense that the temperature would drop until it's too cold for shorts. The problem is that they've all grown so much that their jeans hit them about mid shin. So much for looking organized and on top of things. >,<

Well here in Northern Wisconsin we just finally had our first Spring day this last weekend. Will be short lived though as they are broadcasting more snow this coming week. Lol. Summer should be here sooner or later. I hope.

Had the longest winter ever in the UK but this week has been fine and sunny at last.