April Paper a Day Challenge: Week 4

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April Paper a Day Challenge: Week 4

I can't believe this is the last week of April! I also can't believe that our internet was out all day yesterday and I couldn't post the challenge! I was in a panic about it, haha, "what about my paper a day challenge? I don't know what's on the list for today, because I didn't post it!!!"

Down to the end I had to stretch a bit to come up with ideas. Hopefully they work out. I know a lot of us are working on creating a kit through this exercise, so I left a couple spots open so you can add a special theme to your kit if you'd like.

Anyway, better late than never. Also, I guess we're gearing up for the May Element a Day Challenge.

This designer challenge will run the entire month of April. The goal is to make a paper a day. If you don't have time everyday to participate, that's okay; there will be wiggle room to play catch up. Everyday I will post a theme for you to use. Before we start you can give some thought to what color palette you would like to use and what you'd like to do with your finished product, which should be 30 papers. (Here's a link to my pinterest board for color palettes.)

In this thread you may post:

  1. Questions and comments on completing each paper theme.
  2. Finished papers and/or templates. You may of course post small thumbnail images if you are saving the finished product for something.
  3. I'll post a new thread each week so that things don't get too out of hand.
  4. Don't worry if you're behind or starting in the middle, feel free to share whatever you make.

April Paper a Day Challenge Week 3 Themes
Monday, April 22: Paisley
Tuesday, April 23: Notebook/Ledger
Wednesday April 24: Ephemera
Thursday April 25: Extra Large
Friday April 26: Extra Small
Saturday April 27: Fine Art Inspiration
Sunday April 28: Special Theme (you choose)
Monday April 29: Special Theme (you choose)
Tuesday April 30: Solid

My Paisley Paper... Also I used an overlay from here

I did look back at week one to see if we had to do 12 x 12. I would like to do some different sizes for some smaller scrapbooks. Will that be okay ?

I am late again...
Here is my arrows paper:

my glitter paper:

and the paisleys paper:

@Angela: It's up to you. 12x12 is the most useful if you're going to share with other people, but if you're just doing it for yourself you can do whatever size you want.

Here's my paisley paper (tougher than I thought it was going to be):

And my ledger paper:

Here is my notebook /ledger paper:

@Cintia, your papers are fantastic! Let´s see if I can make some this evening smiley

My Notebook paper

Here is my paisley for April 22:


Here is my notebook paper for April 23:


Ooh, @Chickie, did you design the paisley paper...love that design?

Day 22_Paisley Paper

Day 23_Notebook Paper

Pencil stock is from Ama-Chii on Deviant Art here.

Paisley: Used one of many pattern files that I have in PS.

Notebook: Cheated a little and used one of Marisa's notebook paper files to start. smiley




Ack, I am so far behind! But I am determined to catch up. I am posting week 2 now (lol, waaaaaay behind) and work on week 3 tonight.

Saturday April 13: Start with a Photo (I couldn't choose, so I have two)

Sunday April 14: Damask (used an overlay by Marisa)

Monday, April 15: Plaid

Tuesday, April 16: Grunge

Wednesday April 17: Words

Great Papers everyone. This event has been a real plethora of ideas and creativity.

Thanks Janet.... Yes I did design it myself.

Day 24_Ephemera

Here is my ephemera paper for April 24: (Many thanks to the Graphics Fairy)


What does extra large, extra small paper mean?:)

Here is my Ephemera paper. (I hope I got this all rigth!)

@Lórien: Thank you! smiley

@Sheila, I went back to where Marisa was asking for ideas for this challenge and I think that is referring to a suggestion to "design a paper with a very big or very small design." So a flower so big only two of the five petals fit on the page or maybe teeny, tiny polka dots . . . something like that. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd if I am mistaken, someone can correct me and then you and I will both know what we are supposed to be doing those days. smiley (Actually, I think all the ideas are open to interpretation by the creator and serve more as a starting point of inspiration than a rule we must strictly follow to play along.)

@Holly, Thanks for the input:) I think I have an idea now, and its funny you mentioned tiny polka dots, that's exactly what I thought about when I read extra small! lol

@Sheila, great minds think alike! And you are very welcome.

Here is my x-large:

My Extra Large

I love all your papers. For this week I finished the following papers

unfortunately I don't know where I found the picture, so I can't give proper credit to the owner of the picture.

Images from Tuscan Rose-Collage Art Images CD (www.tuscanrose.com)

I really struggle with "fine art inspiration", no idea for a paper-design. Maybe I skip this theme.


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