Do you get frustrated using FULL Alpha Sheets on your layouts???

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Do you get frustrated using FULL Alpha Sheets on your layouts???

After 6'ish years of digi scrapping, I have always been a little frustrated when downloading alphas for them to not be saved as individual letter files but then while having to work with them... I get a tad frustrated having to open ump'teen letter files to actually use it on my layout. Well the other day I was reading through old posts on a blog I had discovered a few months back and O.M.Goodness!!! I can't believe I never thought to do this myself. well... duhhh!!!

I hope you all find it as useful as I did. Now I'm sad I deleted all the alphas that were on single sheets. LoL smiley Well, this will definitely change a tiny download habit of the past when I have the option of which to keep. smiley -enjoy! and please be sure to thank Liz for the tutorial while you're over there. smiley

That's how I've done it! Though I sometimes select one at a time & paste them as new layers in the layout. Then I shadow on a new layer in case I want to make changes (make shadow lighter, different color or what not).

I never knew how to use the 1 sheet alphas before... I thought on ask here at least two or three times, but I kept forgetting :p

@Liz: What do you mean separate layer... your entire word once you pull in all the layers, or each individual letter is on it's own layer, or the actual shadow to the word is on a different layer?

for ex: I put all my letters that make up the word say "Love" on a velentine's page and they are all on one layer... I then shadow that layer of the word to make them all the same... that is unless I'm wanting them on different layers to appear layered on top on one another (but this would generally be a flat alpha like a cardstock cut-out, not a puffy or epoxy alpha... please so share your shadowing alphas secret. smiley

@Lorien: I know!!! right??? I can't believe I never asked anyone how they used them all these years, LoL!!!!

Great tip! Thanks for sharing.

@Shawna: I put each individual letter on it's own layer AND the shadow is on a separate layer as well. This allows me to make any changes I want (esp. to the shadows) since they're not all grouped together on the same layer. smiley Only when you're satisfied with the way it all looks should you take the next step - merging the letters & shadows as a group. (Hope I explained this right)

Thanks for posting the link to that tutorial. I also get frustrated using alphas and that tutorial showed a big time saver.

There are so many different programs out there for scrapping that it's best when designers include both full sheets and individual files, but many don't. Thanks for linking that tutorial!

Thanks so much for sharing! That is super helpful!

Thanks for sharing the link to the tutorial. It is very helpful. Can't wait to try it out. It looks like a huge timesaver.

I just tried it out and it worked!

Thank you for sharing!

Even with this tip, I'm still too lazy to really use alphas. I like kits that come with them, but I rarely ever use them. I might seriously be the worst scrapper of all time.

roflol... too funny Wren! smiley

Thank you so much Shawna for sharing this tutorial! I too get frustrated using alphas! smiley

btt... smiley

thanks for the link..unfortunately it looks like i use the wrong kind of software to do this. i'll pass it along to others who may be able to use it.

Thanks. I've never known how to use the sheets.

@Myra: Sorry it won't work for you. smiley

@WenJoy: You are most welcome! smiley

I would never have thought of that. I've just gotten in the habit of deleting them as I would get so mad at the tediousness of what I was doing!

@Emily: I did the same thing... always deleted them and saved only the already divided ones. Now, I have a slight regret as it seems like combined most times they are often smaller in size too... as far as disk space. Oh well, it's the "learn something new every day" phrase that keeps life interesting. smiley

Thank you so much Shawna! Now I won't have to use ugly words when using a full page alpha!!! This is great!

Pat: ROFLOL... You're welcome! smiley

Thank you so much Shawna! Now I won't have to use ugly words...

I'm like you, Shawna - annoyed when alphas come on sheets because the way I file them requires me to create & save a separate PNG of the "A" from the sheet, so for filing I much prefer individual letters, but then annoyed in a different way when I have to open ten different individual alpha files and drag & place each layer.

Good to know folks here like to have both options. I wasn't sure whether there was desire here for alpha sheets, or just individual.

freakishly useful. thanks for sharing!