May Element A Day? Thoughts?

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May Element A Day? Thoughts?

How is the paper a day challenge going for people? Is anyone interested in doing an element a day challenge in May? If so, what changes would you like to see to the current layout of paper a day (posting a weekly list rather than a daily theme, etc). Also what elements do you want to make.

  1. Word Art
  2. [s]Fasteners
  3. [s]Corners
  4. Ribbon/String
  5. Stitches
  6. Borders
  7. Creased
  8. [s]Felt/Fabric
  9. [s]Metallic
  10. Glitter
  11. Doodles
  12. Transparent
  13. Stickers
  14. Abstract
  15. Hearts/Stars/Geometric
  16. Scatters
  17. Clusters
  18. Splatters/Spills/Stains
  19. [s]Frames
  20. Tape
  21. Brads
  22. Flowers (Paper, Real, Leaves)
  23. Banners
  24. Tags/Labels
  25. Flair
  26. Bracket
  27. Journal Cards
  28. Photo Mask

Marisa, I love the idea of doing a weekly list because I don't actually get to do the "a day" part usually. smiley

And, of course, I have to suggest art journaling type ellies- splats, rub-ons, word art...


I am so enjoying the paper a day challenge. I hope we do it again real soon. So many possibilities for techniques or simply revisiting the same theme with a different color scheme.

I absolutely would LOVE to do an element a day challenge in May. I enjoy the suspense of waiting each day for the next theme, but a weekly list would work for me as well, especially if it makes participating easier for others.

✿ Word Art
✿ Fasteners
✿ Corners
✿ Ribbon/String/Scrollies
✿ Stitches
✿ Borders
✿ Creased
✿ Felt/Fabric
✿ Metallic
✿ Glitter
✿ Doodles
✿ Transparent
✿ Stickers
✿ Abstract
✿ Hearts/Stars/Geometric
✿ Scatters
✿ Clusters
✿ Splatters/Spills/Stains
✿ Frames
✿ Tape

I love the idea, but prefer elements per week, cause I've noticed that it takes me a lot of time and some days I don't have that.
Great idea's Holly!

I would love this!!! releasing a weekly list would be better in my opinion too

I love this idea. I think an element a day is great challenge. I do find myself posting two papers at a time. but if that's not a problem then I'm in with this one too!! Holly has done a great list and many of then could be subdivided. Where in the list would flowers come?

How could I forget FLOWERS?

We must do FLOWERS!

I definitely prefer getting a list of elements to create within the space of a week. I have a feeling that if we're supposed to create things from scratch, the elements will take a bit more research and effort than papers. Some days I have a fair amount of time, whereas others I don't have much if any at all.

Yay! Let's do it. But I ditto everyone else's weekly preference.

Maybe we can out some different flowers in the list: realistic, paper?
Leafs elements are not in the list yet.
Journal cards?

We need tags, branches, swrils and eyelets too smiley

oooh that sounds fun! smiley I like the list so far including everyone's suggestions smiley
I didn't see anyone mention "Flairs" unless that's covered under something else...?


This sounds like a lot of fun!

It sounds GREAT. I'm not sure how often I can participate, but I will jump in when I can. My grant writing class is still in session, and my design class just started today. Yikes! As for more suggestions.perhaps chain? Wire? jewels?

What a great idea. I would prefer a weekly list, so I can finish a few easier elements in one day and will have enough time for the more difficult. I think I will stick to the same color-scheme as for the papers, so I get a complete Kit at the end of may (to use and to give away of course.)

I think there should be some repetition (Flower, brad, button...) Because there are always 3 o 4 of those at least pr kit, what do you think?

Never done this before but I really want to try in May.

Word Art
Flowers (Paper, Real, Leaves)
Tags/Labels/Journal Cards
Some of these I'm not sure how to create but I'll do my best. I'm sure loving this site.

Everyone has some great ideas for this event.

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