WLM 2018: Share Your Favorites

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WLM 2018: Share Your Favorites

What a great month everyone! Thanks for playing along. Let's take a minute to share our favorite layouts. Below share the favorite layout that you made, and a favorite made by someone else. You can find all the WLM layouts here.

I love this simple pocket layout I made.

Love this layout by Sheri!

Goodness it was a great month! I was actually inspired to do more than the goal I had laid out!

And there were so many beautiful layouts! It was soooo hard to choose just one! But I really loved this one by Paddy

My favorite layout that I created this month is my layout from the telephone challenge - so I will add that to this post later smiley smiley

My favorite layout created by someone else is Jump by Paddy Wolf:

well, this was fun to play along. the flu slowed me down for a while there, but i pushed through smiley

this page still excites me:

there must like 5 really-close-2nd-submissions, but jessica's page totally took my breath away at first sight, than had me laughing after reading the story so it's my absolute #1 pick:

This was such a great event! Here is my fave by Marisa.

And my own fave:

My favorite that I created:

My favorite of someone elses:

This was very pleasant to take part in, so many layouts that I missed. (meaning I did not spend as much time on here as I thought I did. smiley )

the other layout I'll choose is this one by Emily Silverman

my page favorite

and my favorite for Marisa Lerin smiley

I'm so bummed I missed WLM!!