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Project Life Blog Hop

For folks who are doing Project Life or curious about doing Project Life (or any P365 or P52), I wanted to let you know I'm participating in a Project Life blog hop today that will hopefully be full of good inspiration and helpful tips. You can start with my page: and from there cycle through the rest of the pages.

Fun! Although I don't do PL it was nice to read your post. I like your way with words smiley

Thanks, Melo! I love playing with words, although then I don't post as often as I'd like because I know it's going to take me hours to write the post...

Why don't you post here in the blog train thread so people can find it!

@Marisa, I get constantly confused between blog trains and blog hops (in large part because people use the terms interchangeably) but this one has no freebies. It's just a "hop" from one blog to the next, with tips and stuff to look at.

Ah! I didn't realize there was a different between the two. Thanks!

I never knew there was a difference either - I agree, people do seem to interchange them. Thanks for the clarification and the link - most interesting!

oh going to go look for tips! thanks!

Great blog, Violet. Great tips. I haven't participated in Project Life, yet - although I would love to. Just not finding the time lately........But you inspire me!