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Question on Patterns

I am looking at the "Paper a Day Challenge" thread. How do people get those images (like the paisley design) on there paper? I want to do the challenge a day but I am puzzeled about how thats done.

Hi Nikki,

Have you tried the tutorials section? It is full of video's and step-by-step instructions for starting designers. Making patterns for instance (this one is for polkadots, but if you find or draw a paisley pattern, this should work as well), or making ledger paper. Or start with one of Marisa's pattern overlay files and finish it off with some texture. Have fun!

Nikki, I know for my part I'm using Photoshop, and I use brushes (.abr files) that I download for free to form the basis of my patterns. There should be tutorials in the tutorials section on how to use brushes. I just google for whatever I'm looking for - like "free photoshop paisley brush" - and there are tons of super generous artists and designers who have posted stuff for people to download and use. Hope that helps!

There are quite a few ways of doing this. The past few years I have been making mine with a simple cut and paste method, blending in the edges as I went. It used to take me hours to finish an A4 page if I wanted a small pattern! If you want large and small images in an irregular pattern then this method is good for that. For regular patterns the tutorials make it so easy!

More than 1 way to skin the cat, for sure! When I create papers, I start with some googling for brushes, images, etc. I tweak my search terms as I go to broaden my results. Best of luck!

I have a tutorial here on a simple method for making an irregular pattern: