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@Laura I finished my first font set just yesterday (lol, they were written words/doodles) converted into ttf and I now get what you were saying when you say " I DO HAVE a font that isn't showing up on the list." I had a bunch of missing words/doodles that weren't showing up (which was half of my glyphs) and it took me a few minutes maybe a hour tops to figure out why it wasn't showing up.

after adding glyph>click onto glyph letter (example: glyph letter a)>click get curves from selection...and then in the preview text, if the image doesn't show up, try manually typing it into preview text box OR reset the glyph letter & re-do the steps which I found it does have to be done in the right order (adding glyph>click/highlighting glyph letter a>click get curves from selection) and you can also re-size the font by resetting the glyph if the image shows up to small.

So, far after converting my words/doodles which is a full font set and testing it out the words/doodles just a few of the sizing words/doodles are indeed too small but all together I'm so loving it!

Hope your fonts turn out as expected smiley

my sister uses a free iPhone/iPad app called MyRealFont. i haven't tried it but she says it's really easy to use.

Thanks for the software leads gals ! I've got apples on my dream lists!

@Fran: yeah there are some tricks to getting the glyphs to show, especially if you are using 2 separate lines/pieces...(I got all that figured out, but didn't get a tutorial written yet, and I'm reading the forums on my sons old itouch, so I'll have to look at it later. I learned it, but barely, there are times you should "Combine" and times you have to use convert to paths. I'll have to check into recording my actions on the screen for the tutorial, it would be easiest, but that's another whole program to learn... it could be a while, will have to right out steps first.

When I was saying I had a Font that wasn't showing up, I meant a .ttf that is I got years ago, that you can't find on the list when using the Text Times Roman font...Cohort..but this is a foreign language font, Hebrew specifically, and ive had troubles with it in Gimp as well! It's on the list in GIMPs text but doesn't show properly when you type it, but if you have it selected and then copy and paste it from another program and the clipboard it knows how to get Gimp to show it properly. I know it's weird, but then I have a knack for finding bugs. Lol

I've played with the kerning in both programs, and liked it in both Inkscape and Fontforge, but really settled on using fontforge just so I didn't have to worry about how it would import in from Inkscape. You can define the spacing on each pair of letters!!! I'm LOVING it! I did have some troubles with Fontforge crashing, but then figured out how to battle through it and eventually it seemed to become more stable on my OLD system.

I finished a font, kind of but then decided I wanted to do the symbols as well, so I've got to get back to it, after a college bound trip for my son.

One other thing, did you realize that you can save ALL your glyphs (characters) and import the whole thing at once into Fontforge? Do NOT use the import- just find your .SVG file in your folder and right mouse clip, Open With... Fontforge. Bam!!! Their ALl there!

this sounds like a great idea!

Hmmm, was looking into MyRealFonts, and when you read the terms...they currently have two things you need to be aware of.

1) In #1 they say that you may not use any material from their ap for commercial use.

2) In point (ithink it was) #6...they indicate that by using it you relinquish ALL rights of the font you design to them. They also go on to say that they may. Store your fonts in their database and use it how ever they want WITHOUT getting your permission!

Just know the terms, before you start designing a font for

I used to have a font of my handwriting, but lost it when my computer hard drive failed. I don't really want to make one...I wouldn't mind having it made. Anyone know where to go?

@Nancy: check out my post #5 in this thread, if you are looking for something simple in a print. All you have to do is print their form, write in the boxes, scan and send it to them. They are free. It's probably a lot like the one I did years ago, try to keep your size fairly consistent when filling in the blanks.


I'm not sure I'm understanding you correctly but here goes...your saying one of your font is installed into your computer and it shows up on certain programs like gimp but not properly?

If so have you tried character map (manually copying & pasting it into your selected program like gimp)? I don't think I would know how to correctly solve that since it sounds like a corrupt/damaged file, if some are showing and some aren't my guess would be to re-track the font designer (or manually find the font author which should be credited in the font, I think you could pull it up through fontforge) and then ask them for a better copy or re-purchase if it was bought, is my best advise I can think of.

It sounds like you'd be better at giving out direction in a tutorial then I would be, it's simply not my thing I enjoy.

On fontforge I did open my fonts in the way you described it to me and it opened just what you said it would and I like that but testing the program out in depth was disappointing it just keeps crashing. I think the reason(s) for the crashes has a lot to do with how the developers programed it I could go looking for scripts to fix it but I don't want to also my fonts are not just single letters they also are words & dingbats so perhaps it contributes to why it keeps crashing + the size, so I'm currently looking into a few other options.

On the myrealfont that is a great tip that you noticed the terms, like myself I am hesitant to just giving away anything that I have full rights to like my signature that's why I custom re-design my font so it's not an exact replica which I do the same for my scrap LO two of the same, one personalized journalism shared only with those I know and one for public display with not much but poems, quotes, a few words or sentence as my method & part of staying organized.

If I find better program I'll give you a heads up comparison.

Thanks Fran...yeah, in the beginning Fontforge was crashing alot. Then for a while it worked for me no problems. Did you see the Ctrl-S for save? I was using it after each letter change I was doing.

and Yup, I've got a font that doesn't show properly in Gimp and isn't at ALL on the list in Inkscape. It's a free font, and has been around from years. After I complete my first font, I was going to see how difficult it would be to import it as a bitmap in Inkscape and use it's tools to trace it, etc. If that's fairly easy, ...if so I'm thinking of contacting the maker and seeing if he will allow me to attempt some fixes. It's a foreign language font my husband uses in his work.

As far as the "Tutorials", I thought you did a great job, Fran! Thanks you really got me started well!

hi thank u so much yall. smiley

I'm going to try the ipad app.