trouble downloading Bedouin Nights

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trouble downloading Bedouin Nights

The Elements and Glitter Elements parts of the download were both downloading as the Alpha part of the kit.

I'm new and love what I was able to download of the kit - thank you. Wanted to let you know about the problem so it could be fixed smiley


Thanks for letting us know about the problem, Crystal. Because there are a few different ways to download bundles and kits, can you please send me the exact links to the page(s) where you were getting the wrong download? Thanks.

@Jordan: I did test the downloads and they worked fine for me.

they worked for me today also. It was this link I'm not sure what happened but I tried it multiple times the day I posted here. I'm glad it's not happening now and I have downloaded the two downloads I was unable to retrieve before. Thank you for looking into this smiley

Glad it worked for you Crystal. Let us know if you experience this problem again at any point!