Items missing from individual downloads of Color Basics kits

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Items missing from individual downloads of Color Basics kits

The description of each of the Color Basics kits indicates there are 35 items in each kit, but I'm finding that not to be the case when you count the items in the individual downloads. For example, in the Dark Green kit there's only 33 items, and in the Light Green kit there's only 32 items (I looked at those two first because Green & White are my older son's school colors)... I don't want to miss any pieces of these kits when I go to d/l... Could you please look into this? Thanks...

And will the rest of the Beatrix buttons be released soon, I hope? (pretty please?)

I'll let Marisa get back to you on this. She generally always uploads all the kit items for individual download, but just so you know, we also have a disclaimer notice on the kit page stating that it's not absolutely guaranteed that every item will be uploaded individually:

Oh, I didn't catch that part, Jordan... Is there any way you could show people the items that won't be available for individual d/l? I just think it would be really helpful - so that people could decide between doing individual d/l's or downloading the whole kit - and so they don't miss something they may really want. smiley

I know for my part I decided to hold off downloading anything from the Color Basics Kits for now, figuring maybe not everything was up. But if everything is up, it would be helpful to know what is missing so I can make an informed decision. smiley

Thanks for the thoughts Lizanne... we'll try to figure out a way to make it more clear if some items aren't going to be uploaded, and what those items are...

Sorry for the confusion I've been causing with my uploading. Sometimes my thought-processes don't quite match up with each other. smiley

I left out some of the color basics things because they were really small, but that's not really a good reason for having left them out...

Anyway, upon reflection I will try and stop being a spastic uploader, at least until we work out some other system that allows for it.

I'll work on uploading the small bits: staples and eyelets.

Big thanks to the both of you - you are very helpful & thoughtful! smiley

What happened to the kit item previews? When you click on "See More" (I did this on the Color Basics - Dark Green Kit, for example) the individual items available for download are not showing anymore...

I was contemplating downloading stuff individually in the Color Basics - Dark Green kit, and I usually use the"See More" option when I do that so I don't miss anything. Would appreciate it if you could look into this...

@Lizanne: I had the same trouble the other day, while traveling on a kit, that NONE of the individual items inside the kit were showing. You could see at least five on the Kit's page that were uploaded for individual downloading, but they didn't seem to be showing up when clicking on the "See More" button.

Since I was traveling I figured it might be something to do with the internet at the hotel, and just a fluke, even though my old computer is working faster on the hotel internet then our home High Speed internet. It wasn't on all the kits I browsed yesterday though.


@ Jordan: On looking at some kits this evening, I realized the there's just something wrong with the way the page is laying out....and that there was more space if I scrolled over to the right. Even in full screen on my 17 inch laptop. The way I realized it this evening was that I noticed again the "SORT BY" column was way over on the right. And this evening, instead of just ignoring that, I glanced at the bottom and there was a scroll bar at the bottom of the window browser.

Specifically has extra space on the left before the Sorting Features. I'll try to upload a photo of my screen to my blog and link you a picture. Like I said, not all the kits I browsed yesterday had that problem, but I do remember there were at least two of the Template Kits on what is coming up on my system as page 2 of 3.

here for a closer look.

Fixed! Thanks for the detailed screenshots @Laura!

smiley Not a problem! I was traveling, had laptop, but didn't have my so it gave me time to unwind and practice with GIMP! I'm starting to remember keyboard shortcuts!

I didn't think to include screen shots (slapping my head) - thanks Laura!
And thanks for fixing that, Jordan! smiley