Ability to Sort by DC Requirements.

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Ability to Sort by DC Requirements.

I would love to be able to add a sort refining options. For example, I'd like to be able to click on Templates, then Overlays, then DC requirements. It could even be as simple as displaying the search results in an order of High to Low DC Credits or vice versa. I hope this makes sense.

Since the requirements are so simple, we don't believe that there is currently a need for a sorting system. See here for more details on requirements.

I was kind of hoping for the same thing so that, when you have a certain amount of DC credits, it's easy to choose images accordingly. For instance, I dl'ed 5 pts. worth of DCs, what can I now dl that is worth 5 pts. or 3 and 2 pts.

@Cindy, the thing is, it is that simple! If you note on the following from the DC support page: All assets are 1 DC for PU and 2 DC for CU, PNG Templates are 2 DC for PU and 3 DC for CU, PSD Templates are 3 DC for PU and 5 DC for CU. So with your example if you have 5 DC you can get 5 PU assets or 2 CU and 1 PU asset, or 1 PSD template for PU and 2 assets for PU. Does that make sense?

Yes, Heather, it makes perfect sense! Thank you! smiley The only confusion for me is that some papers/overlays/etc. are 3 (.png, I now know TTY) and some are 5 (psd I now know TTY)! The only thing is, one doesn't know if it is .png or .psd until they open the image in another page. KWIM? Thanks for your help!

TTY = Thanks to You!

actually, I think this would be especially helpful for kits (mini kits for a daily download situation) too, so you can filter by how many credits you have left, maybe in combination with the wish list smiley Not essential obviously, but would be cool smiley

@Meg: good point about the kits..