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I used to have a font of my handwriting, but lost it when my computer hard drive failed. I don't really want to make one...I wouldn't mind having it made. Anyone know where to go?

@Nancy: check out my post #5 in this thread, if you are looking for something simple in a print. All you have to do is print their form, write in the boxes, scan and send it to them. They are free. It's probably a lot like the one I did years ago, try to keep your size fairly consistent when filling in the blanks.

Thanks Fran...yeah, in the beginning Fontforge was crashing alot. Then for a while it worked for me no problems. Did you see the Ctrl-S for save? I was using it after each letter change I was doing.

and Yup, I've got a font that doesn't show properly in Gimp and isn't at ALL on the list in Inkscape. It's a free font, and has been around from years. After I complete my first font, I was going to see how difficult it would be to import it as a bitmap in Inkscape and use it's tools to trace it, etc. If that's fairly easy, ...if so I'm thinking of contacting the maker and seeing if he will allow me to attempt some fixes. It's a foreign language font my husband uses in his work.

As far as the "Tutorials", I thought you did a great job, Fran! Thanks you really got me started well!

hi thank u so much yall. smiley

I'm going to try the ipad app.