June Blog Train Details

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June Blog Train Details

The votes are in and here are the details for the next blog train.

The theme is "Pond Life" and here's the palette:

The Details

  1. Anyone is eligible to join and no sign up is required.
  2. You may create what ever you would like for this blog train. It's mostly an exercise to get people designing, with the option of sharing what they've made at the end.
  3. Please clearly mark on the preview whether your part is PU or CU. (Find a Pixel Scrapper logo here if you'd like.)
  4. Please put all your designs in a folder and name the folder PSJune13_DesignerName.
  5. Zip the folder and upload it to a file sharing service (some info here.)
  6. At the end of May I will post a special thread just for previews and links for the blog train.
  7. The blog train will go live on June 1 and pieces should be available for the entire month.

I've created a board on Pinterest here. If you would like to add to this board, leave a comment here or on the board and I'll add you. We'll just use this board continuously for new blog trains, so I won't have to keep adding people.

I briefly mentioned that we would have a surprise this time around. Unfortunately we are a bit behind with what we need to get done, so we're going to keep it a surprise for now.

Hi Marisa. Add me to the board, my ID is loriensworkshop.

I have no idea on what to do with this theme, let´s see...

I know nothing about Pinterest....is it necessary to participate in the Blog Train?

The Pinterest board is just for people who are interested, not a requirement.

This train is completely different from what I'd usually do (did actually vote for this one) but I'm excited to try something new. smiley

You can count me in! smiley

Sounds like fun and the palette looks like it is begging for polliwogs and frogs. lol xoxox Beth

Kit almost done.... yeah!!! My first pixel scrapper blog train too. xoxox

This palette screams DINOSAURS to me. I love it. Looking forward to everyone's creations.

All the choices were so tempting but I am loving the "pond life" and I am hoping that some of you wonderful designers may include some dragonflies!? Pretty please smiley

Great pallette to work with, I'm in, it will be my first time I participate in a blog train for pixelscrapper, it's so excited!!!

I'll be in for June. Hopefully, I'll have my permanent home for my store running by then (May 1st was a little too ambitious) and I won't have to find a place to host my files. smiley

Dawn, I was thinking dragon flies as well!

Pond Life Looks good! Though I didn't vote, busy with college bound visits and international travel plans for my daughter, I'm game to try to throw some items in the for the hop. I was watching some of the suggestions and know it would be a nice pallette/theme which ever won.

I won't head this way with the theme but when it was posted I couldnt help think Dr. Who & Ponds! Though Ive not seen the last season or two. Spoilers! Lol

I'm in. Love the colors

I want to give it a shot too. Here some pictures of a pond we have at our Discovery Center. I love frogs and dots. hint hint smiley

The vegetation around your pond is starting inspiring me Cherrie, thank you!

Love the colors and the theme!

Did someone say dinosaurs?? Now that's a thought! Great idea Danell. I wonder how I can work those in with my frogs and tadpoles and dragonflies and pond flowers and.....and....

@Dawn - I wasn't feeling at all inspired by the theme (which doesn't worry me - I didn't have a clue what I'd do for the last one til the final weekend) but I love dragonflies! So thanks for my first glimmer of inspiration. smiley

@Marisa- please add me to the Pinterest board. I'm Miss Meridian. Thanks! Super excited for our surprise, on whatever timetable.

I have loads of pond photos - we enlarged and improved our garden pond last year. It has a lot of pink and violet flowers but I have put some of the ones that best fit the palette here.
http://imgur.com/a/KfE0H#0 Feel free to have a look.


@Dawn- you made me giggle... where else besides Pixel Scrapper could you make an element request and expect it to happen??? Brava!

Dawn: love love love dragonflies myself! absolutely gorgeous photos! smiley

@Violet: I added you.

@Dawn: Your pictures are really inspiring, thank you! I added the ones I like the most to pinterest, to remember easily where to find them.

I am almost sure I´ll came up with a most "oriental" kind of kit, with lotus and carps and other zen stuff, just because I have more affinity with them. Or, I can maybe use something more amazonic, but I´d need to find reference images for it, as I never been in Amazon myself (I live in the other side of Brazil, it´s a really long trip... and, as I said, I´m a VERY urban person, the kind of one that say yikies to mood and bugs)

Lorien - my best friend hates to be near any wildlife. She has only visited us once since we moved out of London into the English countryside. I am the opposite, though I do love cities too. (we were in London 28 years!!). I know nothing about pinterest so thanks for that.

Hi Marisa! I've never participated in this so I'm wondering if you can tell me, could I combine various of your templates/overlays to create a patterned paper pack for this? I've been doing that for my Project Life each month so thought I might try to use this color combo for June and also add it to the blog train, just wanted to make sure it would be okay or if it's supposed to be 100% original designs. Thanks!

@Cameron: Of course you may use things from here to get started!

Great, another blogtrain! And the theme I voted for too! Yay. Can't wait to felt those froggies smiley

I'm in!! Following you in Pinterest jwalls39

I'm on of course!!! Miss the old one but count on me for this one!!!

Love the pallette!!!

so so ..Pond Life means nature?????

Saw this in the newsletter. LOVE these colors, I will have to participate this month!


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