Glitter, Sparkles and Shine!

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I think that if you used some grunge splatters in the background that were glittery then that wouldn't be so girly. Especially if the colors were brown or red. Something not too feminine. Or even things like stars. They are simple and not too girly. Or even if you have something gold or silver. Those are fairly neutral and are supposed to shine. =P

I have given up with them on that, I just hide my work from them now and not let them see it. I jut hope when they are older their attitudes about all that stuff will change.

Well, my oldest (10) loves pink and is very much a boy into all things boy, so I haven't had any gripes from him, or his brother (8). I still use glitter and gems and flowers, but I try to make it appropriate for the LO and also in more boyish colors (not so much pink and purple). If I did get a gripe, I'd be quick to remind them that scrapbooking is MY hobby and I don't dictate which video games they can and can't play based on personal likes and dislikes (now, violence and age appropriate material, fair game! LOL)

@Jenn your lucky your kids will give it a chance. Earlier today I was working on a page for a book for my husband and my 4 year old told me that I need to get rid of the pink and glitter, he said dad would like it better if there were guns (since he was in the marines) and beer in with blue. Then proceeds to scratch himself and burp and walk off. There is no denying that kid is my husbands acts just like him.

I laugh at the idea of a book with beer and guns... Well, beer is, in fact, a good, theme for a kit *thinking*

I would just use what you like and let him know that things aren't "girly" Anyone can like them.