April Paper a Day Challenge: Week 4

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I've been looking for a chance to go wild! I dearly love bright colors. Here's my Special Theme - abstract.

Special Theme- quatrefoil

And last but not least - Solid:

Here are my solids for the 30th. I made worn papers, one of each color:


I made my last papers and they will be available in my blog later today.
Theme paper:

Theme paper:

Solid Paper:


Sheila, thank you. Sometimes we are our own most severe critic.

Ephemera. It was difficult to keep this one anywhere near in the palate.

Extra large and extra small
Because I like to tuck photos, etc. under, I left both the lace edge and the large rose as separate PSE layers. I'll also include jpeg files.

Artist inspired: Georges Seurat

Day 25_Extra Large

Day 26_Extra Small

Day 27_Fine Art (Pointillism . . . thanks to Snap Art, I couldn't have done it without you!)

Here's my free choice #1:

Day 28_You Choose (Retro)

Day 29_You Choose (Abstract)

Day 30_Solids

This challenge has been so awesome. I am a bit sniffly-sad to see it come to an end. I want to say a big to Marisa for hosting the fabulously fun "April Paper Party" and to all the designers that had me excitedly checking this forum many times every day to see what they had put together with their amazing talents, and to all the very kind souls that applauded our efforts along the way . . . much appreciated! I so hope we do it again some time.

My inspiration needed a kick start for the "you choose" so I recruited two of Marisa's templates. Thanks, Marisa.

And the last ones....solids.

I've divided my papers by week, so week one is available for download here on Google Drive
You may get a "too big to scan" message but I don't have any virus, so you're safe.

Week two is here

Week three is here

Week four is here.

The solids are filed with the various palates they match, week by week.

We're coming down to the end! I can't believe a whole month has gone by! Tomorrow I'll post a thread where you can share details about your finished project.

Today's free choice:

Monday April 29: Special Theme (you choose): I am running out of ideas.... so I choose a frame background paper

For solids:

@Angela: I love the paper with horses - it remembers me the Greek god Poseidon.

I love your Life is Sweet paper!!

Okay, ladies i know i'm late with some of these, but i hope you enjoy them.

Color Palette

Polka Dot





Alphabet and Numbers


Multiple Pattern


Scatter Irregular

Start With a Photo





Extra Large

Extra Small

Notebook Paper






Choice 1

Thats all for now, other are in process.

Finally I finished all the papers.

Fine art inspiration (I wanted it to look like a painting, I'm not really happy with the look)

special theme 1-kaleidoscope (I used the Kaleidoscope plugin by mehdi you can find here)

special theme 2-spirograph (spirographs drawn with inkscape)

and at least 3 solid papers

Here's my solid paper:

I can't believe I'm finished!

Great job everyone!

Don't forget to share your final product here.

Also, the May Element a Day challenge starts tomorrow!!

My last one, I am still puzzled over what is and what isn't a solid!

Still need to finish my last free choice & my solids, but I wanted to post the rest of my catch-up papers before this thread gets locked!

Extra small:

Fine-art inspired (this definitely falls into the category of "no one will want to use it, but I wanted to learn how to make it." It was *really* fun to learn how to do the Andy Warhol effect! The picture is Jeff Mangum, the guy from the band that has taken over my theme for these papers):

Free choice # 1 - Chevrons:

@Violet: That paper sure is exciting! smiley

@Marisa: Yep, that's a good word for it smiley

Finally finished! And it's just 8 minutes after midnight here, so I am feeling pretty excellent for wrapping up essentially at month's end.

Free choice - Art Journal paper (It's really hard to make this kind of paper look good. I have a lot still to learn and practice. It's SO fun to make, though.):


Marisa, this was a fantastic challenge. You do so much hard work for this community, and I want to tell you how much I appreciate it! I learned so much this month and had such a blast. I learned all kinds of new photoshop and design techniques and I furthered my sense of community with other PixelScrapper folks. Well done to everyone!

I so wanted to do my own paisley paper from my own drawing, but I just couldn't get to it because other projects took over my life. But here is my extra large paper (Thanks for the template Marisa). I made a whole range of colored solids early on. I will try to get all my papers posted to download in the other thread soon.


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