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Thanks for the KUDO's Sharon! We've been on the same journey together for so many years - It's been fun watching our progress - and the best is yet to come!

OK, I'm really feeling overwhelmed by trying this, but it's a challenge I set for myself. A teeny tiny little kit, but I hope it has something you'll enjoy.

Hey, y'all! This week I will be tasked with making patterns in my Illustrator course at university, and I decided to use this theme and palette for the assignment. So, I will have a paper pack (maybe more, we'll see) to share for the blog train.

Give it all you've got, Liz! You'll do great!

Looking forward to it, Mollie! I wish I could figure out the pattern maker in Illustrator, I've used it a couple times but still find photoshop easier even though it takes 3x as long smiley

Not sure where my preview went, so I edited and got it back up. Thanks Kayl!

saving my spot

Joining again this month. Love the color palette and everyones contributions. smiley


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