Photoshop Elements 11: Your opinion?

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Photoshop Elements 11: Your opinion?

Hey all! I currently use PSE9 and do minor photo editing and primarily digital scrapbooking. I'm happy with PSE9, but I hear that one of the big benefits of PSE11 is that installing actions is WAY easier. This is really attractive to me because I haven't really dug into what I can do with actions because they're so darn difficult to install! Plus I see so many cool actions out there but have never attempted them.

Has anybody upgraded yet and can you give me your opinion?


@Danelle - I'm going to (try to) move this to the PS Elements thread but Amanda of Everyday Elements posted on this recently and I think she said she would skip this upgrade. Go to here site and look around - she's a great resource for quality feebies and tutorials. Check out her "clean edits' stuff!

Everyday Elements

Thanks Tina - I tried to put it under Elements, but there is only the option to put it under Photoshop. Might be something to look into so you don't have to move every post!

The Photoshop Elements forum is closed right now since we have no one to moderate it. So we'll have to work around it until we can find some volunteers!

There are many aspects of Photoshop Elements that are the same as Photoshop. Photoshop Elements was Adobe's solution to offering a less expensive photo editor. So they created a scalled down version of Photoshop.

Thanks, I'm familiar with what Elements is as opposed to Photoshop. I'm specifically wondering if anyone has a personal opinion after upgrading to PSE 11.

I dont even know what an action is! I'm THAT new.
This may also seem like a dumb question... I mostly use PSE6, I do own CS4. I like PSE6 because I can click & drag & drop to do you do that in CS4? The ONLY real reason I use CS4 is literally to create shaps (such as the Scalloped Edge tutorial) Is it possible to create shapes in PSE6?

@Cipriana - yes! Anything you can do in PSE you can do in CS (and more!) But it could be that all you want to do, you can do in PSE and that is cool too. Both are very powerful programs.

An "action" is a pre-recorded series of steps, so that when you click on the action it does all those steps for you to achieve a certain affect. Saves a ton of time! You should go to Pioneer Woman's photography page and download her free actions and play with them a bit. The files are .atn files which you will have to load into Photoshop. I think she has a post on how to load them if you don't know how to do that, or you can also find out at Everyday Elements On Line She does great tutorials. Or you can just Google "how do I load actions?" and probably find out! smiley

@Tina THANK YOU!!!! smiley My sewing machine is down (ugh!) so I have some time away from my "job" at the moment to sit and play!

Here are some links for Photoshop Elements.



An index of items offered from this site for Photoshop Elements.

Thanks for putting in the links Judy.

Danelle, the other upgrade that happened in PSE 10 was that you could do text on a path which I believe had been taken out of PSE. Now it is back. I had PSE 7 and 10 but went ahead and upgraded to PSE 11 for the action upgrade. In the long run I think that having that aspect will be a plus as I get more into my digi scrapping. I just bought my copy on Amazon at $49.99 which is a pretty good price - might still be on special.

Here is i way of trying it for free smiley
The best way of knowing if you'll like it or not smiley

(in the options to the right you can buy or try)

Good info here...I still have PSE 7 and I am ready for an upgrade. Think I will do it!

Those who have upgraded, has it been an easy transition? Did PSE11 just incorporate any actions you already had loaded or do you have to re-load those via the new tool?

I'm thinking of doing this, but I am just at a place where I feel very comfortable with PSE6. I guess I just fear it's going to be like an iTunes situation. It seems like just as I get used to the LO & get it the way I want it, they put out a new version that has a different interface & organizing features. blah!

Was anything else added to PSE 11 besides the action upgrade?

@ Brandi:

You can look here to see what has been changed/added.

I love elements for quick layouts - you can open and manipulate quickly and close faster than any other program. Lots of great little tools in this program.

So far I love PSE11 ... I just started using it yesterday, but I can do so much more with it!! Although I have heard that groupings are still a problem ... I don't really know?? I haven't tried any groupings yet. I am still really new to PSE11, still experimenting with it. I did my first LO with it yesterday before I went to work and turned out great!

Good information. I'm thinking of upgrading from PSE6 but uncertain about the ease of switching. You've all given me a lot to consider. Thanks.

I was just looking into upgrading to PSE11 today (I currently have PSE8 and it's been so good to me!)! I'm so glad I found this thread... thanks for everyone who has put their 2 cents in smiley I think I'm going to go for it... *fingers crossed* it is an easy transition... not to fond of change! sigh... I'll let ya'll know how it goes!

@Heidi, please do! I'm especially interested to know if you'll have to re-load any actions you have already in PSE8.

I just started using PSE 11 and I found this video on the initial set up.

I have pse 10 - can I ask a really stupid question? I can't use PS actions in my version, so now in 11 you can? Does this include most PS actions or is this limited?
If so I might get the upgrade smiley

I'm catching up with the info, i just start to use PSE 10. I don't really know is it really needed to upgrade it yet.

I tried PSE11 using the free trial from Adobe's website and honestly did not find anything that new or exciting about it making it worthwhile the upgrade - just frustration that things were missing or changed! (I'm set in my ways, lol) I am using PSE 9 also.

Installing actions can be a pain, but there is a program called Graffi's Add-o-matic that I highly recommend- it installs actions, layer styles, brushes, etc. in one click of a button.

Thanks Chelle! I will look into that program. We have the upgrade actually, I got it for my son for Christmas since he was running an earlier version. They allow you to use it on 2 computers so I might upgrade (I have 10 now).