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What Color are your


hazel - sometimes they look khaki green & sometimes they take on a golden topaz hue.

dark brown, in the summer they get a golden ring around it


My grandmother and I used to be the only ones in the family. We called each other Ol' Blue Eyes. She died last year the day after my nephew was born.

He has blue eyes too... *teary smile*

Dark brown. Once I tried those pale blue contact lenses and it scared my husband! smiley

odd... simply odd... they start of yellow near the pupil, move to a greenish color, to a greenish brown color, to a blue color to a dark blue rim around the outside.

Mine are something of a blue/gray/green, I like to think of them as a mix between my Dad's blue eyes and my Mom's hazel...

Mine, and my daughter's, are brown. The color of a Hershey bar. smiley Heather Johannessen - your eyes sound gorgeous! Maybe we need a picture WITHOUT the shades on? smiley

Heather - your eyes sound like my husbands except he has only a little blue and more olives and hazel - do they change in different sunlight conditions too? His do. Mine seem boring in comparison.

mine are true hazel... in that they change colors from variations of blue to green, on rare occasion with golden or brownish highlights/specks in them. hubby tells me when I'm really upset or mad, they get a golden or brownish ring around them. they sound like a mood ring, right? LoL

Nothing special about my eyes, except they are getting older, now. I have astigmatism, so I can't draw a straight line if I tried. I wear glasses, as well. But even at my age, I'm never without my mascara - I'm shameless!

Blue eyes.

Lizanne, your eyes sound beautiful.
Dana, Very pretty with a gold ring.
Heather J. your eyes are beautiful.
Marisa, interesting that your eyes mixed from you parent. Sound very Pretty.
Molly, Blue eyes are lovely, sorry about your Grandmother.

Shawna, I wish I had a mood ring too, lol, so people know when I´m really angry :p

My eyes are in between black and brown. They go brown at lighter places, while at darker places it´s back. I also wear glasses since I was 9 or 10, I have astigmatism and myopia (hope It´s how it´s called in English :p)

So... I'm confused at everyone's mentioning of their astigmatisms. I've had it in one eye for about 15 years, I'm also Near-sighted. The only thing my astigmatism affects is my night vision... I get a star-burst effect with lights if I'm wearing my glasses that don't have glare guard and sometimes even with those on. Are there other problems because of this y'all have?

Brown eyes with a tint of green in them... no one on either side of my family has eyes like mine as I have been told.

@Shawna: A few years ago when I tried changing prescriptions, I told the dr that I was beginning to be able to read a book at night without glasses. Only at night, when the rest of the room was dark, and only my book was light by a small light. Otherwise I get sick from uncorrected vision. He said, "Well yeah, you have astigmatism!" Something I never new I had. I also have always had the star-burst effect with lights...but it's gotten so bad lately, that I don't even like riding in vehicles at night...I never look outside the vehicle. Drives my hubby crazy if we are out and he needs help with finding a street.

My eye color, is very light blue, with a darker blue on the outside. My kids have the same eye color, my hubbies are sometimes hazel or greener.

Had a friend while at college, that had some of the craziest eyes. Once when I introduced some of my girl-friends to him...one on his right and one on his left. When the girls later were caring on about him, one said, "Yeah he had the coolest blue eyes!" the other "No he didn't they were the nicest green eyes." I had to tell them both that they were right if they dropped the s in eyes. He had one GREEN as Green, and the other a med Blue! Never changed with sunlight either.

Very dark brown.

I have brown eyes with flecks of green and gold in them.

My eyes are blue. 3/4 of my sons ended up with blue eyes too, but they got these really gorgeous denim blue colored eyes rather than the more pale, lackluster shade of my own eyes. My last son got his dad's brown eyes. And the eyelashes on all these kids... Not that I'm jealous or anything. >.>

brown and boring as I used to say when I was little smiley I always wanted green (hazel) eyes like my dad, but my sister got those smiley

Green! And I wouldn't have it any other way. I love green eyes. smiley

green. smiley



I have blue eyes and so do my husband and son... the whole blue eyed, blond haired thing.

My eyes are hazel...but they change color, like if I am wearing green they look greener, and if I wear blue they look bluer...if i wear purple they look grey lol

I had blue eyes up to 4 years old then changed.
All the men in my family have blue eyes. All family women have brown eyes, I'm the only one with different eyes.

I had blue eyes until I was 8 or 9, then they turned green. If I'm sick they turn a gray color.

Blue here. I wish they were green smiley

My eyes and hair were dark brown, but as I get older my eyes are fading to a medium brown and my hair is naturally turning grey... & artificially turning red!! I wear reading glasses when on the computer, reading a book or using my phone - but you all seem to have such interesting astigmatisms... do any of you have ringing in your ears, though? smiley